5 thoughts on “Chocolate!

  1. Will – Priority juggler

    Well, when I returned from a trip to the states, the team got chocolate in the form of American presidents’ heads. The team is probably thinking “less of the jokes, more of the GOOD chocolate..ie that tastes good!”. haha

  2. geedee

    Thanks for the explanation, Will :-) Royal Ascot this week – I’d imagine that will be good for a business like yours?

  3. Will – Priority juggler

    Actually, it’s not a particularly busy time for us. Maybe it should be! Any top tips on how we can get into the horsey market? :)

  4. geedee

    Not really :-( May be worth considering advertising in local raceday cards – you’ll certainly reach people who go to the races that way. Could contact courses direct asking about advertising rates and then ask if they’d be interested in your floral displays… ;-)


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