99 Red Balloons! Drinks! Chocolates! Flowers! Mohican Chicken! Richard Singing?!


Balloons Balloons Balloons!Every now and again we get a really ace order through and it makes our day. We reckon we have a particularly brilliant one for delivery tomorrow. It combines the gift buying staples of “going the extra mile” and “buying everything in the shop” with a new attribute – “making Richard [ace Arena driver] sing his little heart out”.

The first I knew about the order was when Jozsef started yelling from the warehouse earlier. I was confused. I had thought that only myself and Jackie, one of the DulcetTones who answers the ArenaFlowerPhone, were left in the office. I panicked. What was going on? Was Joseph on fire? Had the delivery of triffids escaped? Perhaps a very, very romantic man had come to steal 1,000 red grand prix roses?!

Nope. Jozsef was just being a child in a man’s body (good on him). He’d just finished inflating a mix of 24 Party!, Congratulations! and Happy Birthday! balloons and he was calling us through to have a look. Brilliant. You can see from his grin that he was a happy man (click image to enlarge). Quite a sight, which reminded me of the film ‘The Red Balloon’ – if the roof weren’t on, Joszef may well have floated away just like the little French lad in the movie (apologies if I’ve just spoiled the ending for you!).

Anyway, back to this great order:


BUT the thing that our unsuspecting customer could never have known when he placed the order was that the driver making the delivery tomorrow will be Richard. Rich is a superb driver (“Who needs a TomTom? I know every road in London!”) but he also has the most powerful voice I’ve ever heard, bar none. His lungs are the size of jet engines and he could power a wind farm just by shouting at it. Never crack a joke with Rich, in case he laughs and blows all the windows for 2 miles.

So, in honour of, and in thanks to, the brilliant customer who had the imagination to come up with such a fun birthday package for the lucky recipient, please now enjoy the only song that could really do Rich’s voice justice, sung by someone nearly, but not quite, as good as Rich!

Happy Birthday, Michelle! We hope Rich blows you away tomorrow!

PS Just to be clear, Rich looks nothing like a gorilla or any other ape, monkey, or simian. Or Pavarotti. I just thought that that picture looked nearly as noisy as Rich.

PPS What’s going on with Pavarotti at the end? We know it was good but, well, blimey…reminds me of those hammer throwers at the Olympics who shout their heads off after they’ve thrown the hammer!

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