Blue Roses – Blue Is The Colour!


Blue RoseRoses are red. Yellow. Pink. White and even Orange. But have you ever heard of blue roses!? No. That’s because blue roses don’t just exist. Indeed, it would have made a great addition to the incredible beauty of the rose family. In fact, it will. Advancement in biotechnology research has made growing blue roses a reality. You could probably be sending a bunch of fresh blue roses from Arena Flowers to your special some one for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Engagement or for those special romantic occasions soon!

Rose for long has been an epitome of love and beauty. It is an extraordinary flower of delicate grace and enchantment. Roses have so many different shades and each of these shades symbolises specific meanings. While red roses signify romance, white roses are for innocence and purity, pink is for happiness and joy, orange suggests passion and enthusiasm and yellow is for friendship. Now what does blue rose stand for?

Apparently, as with the enigma associated with growing the flower, it stands for mystery!!! But the real mystery is will there ever be blue roses in the bouquets you send out to your loved ones? Probably! Thanks to the industrious collaboration of Suntory, a Japanese Distiller and Australian Biotechnology firm Florigene, a subsidiary of Suntory, blue roses could be a commercial reality.

Genetic EngineeringThe quest for producing blue roses has been a holy grail to rose breeders for many years. Although, it is possible to buy blue roses in the market, these flowers don’t just exist in nature. Often, it is a bunch of white roses which are dyed to achieve the special blue colour. But think about the environmental impact of buying dyed roses rather than fresh flowers. Nevertheless, rapid progress in the field of biotechnology has helped researchers from Suntory and Florigene to genetically modify the gene of an enzyme called “delphinidin” which is found to be missing in roses. Florigene has managed to infuse this particular enzyme to the rose plant, thereby growing 100 % fresh blue roses. We couldn’t resist attaching a ‘flower gene’ diagram to help you grow blue roses in your garden!

With a bloom available to celebrate every emotion, it probably explains roses’ giant market share of $10 billion a year in the fresh-cut flower industry. Now the newer addition of blue roses, might just fuel up the market share to soar to further high levels. It will even bring an added challenge to Ronald, our flower buyer from the great flower country, who has the biggest responsibility of sourcing the freshest ethical flowers from Holland!

A Dozen Red RosesUntil the mystery of producing fresh blue roses is solved, we strongly suggest you to send your messages of Romance, Friendship, Happiness etc through our incredible range of fresh roses. Don’t worry we too have an amazing range of fresh hand-tied flower arrangements for every occasion!

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16 thoughts on “Blue Roses – Blue Is The Colour!

  1. karen stewart

    I wonder what a dozen genuine, bona fide blue roses will cost…is it not true that there are real blue tulips that exist? Who knows what scientists are going to genetic engineer in the future–I understand people can buy designer cat hybrids and glow in the dark goldfish…blue roses ought to be a snap!

  2. Adarsh – Search engine battler

    Karen, many thanks for your comments. Genetic engineering has been subject to many debates apart from being expensive. RSPCA raised concerns about creating designer feline due to animal welfare and ethical issues. Mass production of blue roses through modifying the genetic makeup could draw similar reactions although Florigene has been successful in marketing it in a few markets. According to our Flower Ace Ronald, Blue Tulips do not exist for now.

  3. Wonderer

    Is it possible to buy the blue roses because blue is one of my school colors and we are looking for a blue flower to give to our parents at graduation and if so how much do 1/2 a dozen of them cost

  4. Adarsh – Search engine battler

    Hello Wonderer, Unfortunately we do not have blue roses yet, but we recommend the lovely Hyacinths Bouquet here:

  5. Serendipity

    The blue rose is beautiful, elegant, and magical yet scientific. I love them. The pure look of the texture seems to mesmerize. This science is bringing beauty to the future. The blue rose definitely is a mystery flower.

  6. Will – Priority Juggler

    The BBC is saying a “real” blue roses has been created. Though we’re calling “purple”!

  7. Faye

    They actually sell Be the fact that they are dyed, they actually last for very long time. I beleive I had my for a month or more and the only reason I had to throw them out was because I left for a week or so and the water didnt get changed and it got moldy and very smelly. But the petals o the roses looked great even then. It’s like they are peserved in time. Unfortunitly I have had a hard time finding any typ of blue rose, Real or Dyed in the states to send to my mother.

  8. Jamie Jackson

    I have growing Blue Girl Roses for more than 20 years. It is true that they are not a vivid blue. and sometimes do not appear to be be blue at all, however, but lilac in color with a silver overlay. The scent of these roses cannot be matched. The Blue Girl Rose lets off a heady scent that is wonderful, and, frankly, indescribable. Nothing fake about this rose!

  9. NEHA

    this very beautifull rose i have seen. this is very different rose among all the rose not only in colour but it is rarely seen. can you plz tell me where it is found? **THANK YOU** FOR THIS WONDERFUL ROSE PICTURE TO DISPLAY ON NET.

  10. Rebecca

    Erm, my mum was busy telling me the other day that an old lady once gave her a blue rose which she planted in her garden and despite the neighbours puppy eating them one year, they flourished even stronger the following year… Now… That was about 45 years ago???? I was only searching blue roses because she said how much she would like one again , and I thought, good birthday present? So….. They’re meant to be a new thing ?

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