Daily Archives: December 14, 2007

Christmas Flowers, Festive Florists, Crimbo Frolics

It has to be said that our florists are some of the jolliest people I have ever met. It’s not difficult to imagine that spending every day with flowers puts a smile on your face so it’s always nice to come in to the office via the warehouse in the morning.

A typical path in involves a game of hopscotch around various flowers and arrangements as the drivers organise their deliveries and a ‘hullo’ to the ladies (who are often singing along to the radio) as they put the finishing touches to the last of the morning’s bouquets. So it came as no surprise to find them all wearing Father Christmas hats and singing along to “Do they know it’s Christmas…”. Honestly! *reaches for his camera*

Arena Flowers Festive Florists

Christmas is always a busy period for us so it’s nice to hear the Christmas spirit coming from the warehouse as we are all hard at work and, in my case, trying to keep warm!

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