Christmas Flowers, Festive Florists, Crimbo Frolics


It has to be said that our florists are some of the jolliest people I have ever met. It’s not difficult to imagine that spending every day with flowers puts a smile on your face so it’s always nice to come in to the office via the warehouse in the morning.

A typical path in involves a game of hopscotch around various flowers and arrangements as the drivers organise their deliveries and a ‘hullo’ to the ladies (who are often singing along to the radio) as they put the finishing touches to the last of the morning’s bouquets. So it came as no surprise to find them all wearing Father Christmas hats and singing along to “Do they know it’s Christmas…”. Honestly! *reaches for his camera*

Arena Flowers Festive Florists

Christmas is always a busy period for us so it’s nice to hear the Christmas spirit coming from the warehouse as we are all hard at work and, in my case, trying to keep warm!

I love Christmas – who doesn’t? But why does it have to be sooooo cold?? Will, Steve and I all work in one room that is situated at the end of our building and next door to our neighbours, a company that I am convinced make igloos for a living. Perhaps not, but I do know that we are at the furthest point from our flower fridge so it can’t be that and yet as I write this I am conscious that my mouse is actually cold to the touch and my knuckles are too stiff to hold it properly. HAHAHA! Not even my Arena fleece can help me out there :) But that is small beer compared to my journey in to work.

Those of you who read our blog will know from my last post (Pimping Our
) that I ride a bike to work which is a laugh in Spring, a joy in Summer, pleasant in Autumn but bitterly cold in Winter! On Monday I found myself chipping frost off my seat and thinking about Will who was in his flip flops on a last minute family holiday in the sun, probably heading down to the beach for his first Daiquiri of the day – bah! In truth, a well deserved holiday for a man who seems to actively avoid taking time off.

True to form he jetted off without a camera and so when faced with Christmas, tropical style, he was forced to whip out his trusty camera phone again - take the company photographer along next time I say! ;)

The pictures may be small but I think it is evident that despite not having snow on the ground they know how to make an island festive in the Cayman’s (apparently this was just one house!):



Back at home the Christmas orders are coming in thick and fast so with the increased work load it’s nice to know that we have the Arena Christmas party to look forward to. Last year we all went to a karaoke club and quickly found our singing voices (good and bad in equal measures!).

Christmas 2006

Will and I murder Wonderwall:
Sam and Will kill Wonderwall

“Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you..”

The dulcet tones of Steve and Ronald:

Steve and Ronald, the perfect duo

Vanessa and Ruth (who could sing!)

Vanessa and Ruth

Richard – A voice to be reckoned with!

Richard (the Voice)

This year we are keeping it simple and going bowling! I know full well that I bowl as well as I sing but I can’t wait to see over 30 florists and drivers taking to the lanes…I am sure we will make a unique impression on the other parties :)

My Big Day Out!
Flowers...Uncut has a voice!!!

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  1. Will – Priority juggler

    Just to be clear, the reason that we’re freezing in our office is that the heating is rubbish and not that I’m taking up the mantle of Scrooge and refusing to put the heating on…honest! :)


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