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It’s been a while since my last post and yesterday I was mulling over which of numerous topics I should write about when a Friday fun shaped answer dropped conveniently into my lap.  A while back Adrian, friend of Arena and the man behind adding videos to your eBay listings, sent through a link to Berocca’s “Blogger relief” campaign.  Basically, you sign up and they send you some Berocca to renergise you.  And a bunch of toys.  They hope bloggers blog about the campaign and get them some buzz (and Google “link juice”).  Bloggers receive some free tat and light relief in their battle in the blogosphere.  Always up for a freebie (plus interested in online marketing wheezes) we signed up and then forgot all about it.

Till yesterday when Georgi brought through a mysterious brown box, marked as having been sent by “Bayer Pharmaceuticals”.  Given the sender name, I initially thought an office comedian had ordered me some Regaine on the quiet but, happily, on opening the box I realised it was the long forgotten Berocca kit.  Given this blog and Arena in general is a huge team effort, the spoils were rapidly shared out.  Click images to enlarge.

Adarsh, our search engine guru and battler, got the “Dead Fred” pen holder.

Adarsh and soon to be Dead Fred.

Georgi, our flowers purchasing and production guru, got the “Panic Button” USB toy.  Press it when your boss is coming and you’re on You Tube or skiving and it pulls up a screen grab of your choice (in Georgi’s case, a spreadsheet with all our flower stems on it).

Georgi and Panic Button Toy

Cave! The boss is coming!

Cave! The boss is coming…

Spreadsheet Magically Appears

Spreadsheet magically appears (or a picture of a spreadsheet, at least).

I got the smiley stress ball.

Smiley stress ball meets Arena Flowers

Smiley stress ball meets Arena Flowers

Stan, amongst other things our copy writing expert and weddings marketing guru – watch this space on that front ;) – got the “Bubble Wrap Key Ring“.

Bubble wrap key ring, disappointingly not wrapped in bubble wrap.

Finally, we got some Berocca goodies (pens and a glass etc) but, sadly, the one thing that was missed out of our pack was, erm, some Berocca!  So Sam had to make do with an empty glass.  Excuse blur but I think I must have been chuckling too much at Sam’s play acting.  :)

What, no Berocca?

Anyway, thanks to Berocca for the idea.  It undoubtedly brought a lot of amusement to the office and, yep, it got us to say their name on our blog, erm quite a few times so they got their marketing bods got their goal too. The Internet savvy amongst you will have noticed we nofollowed the links though.  Ah, what the heck, here’s a clean, Google friendly link to their page: Go sign up if you want some fun freebies.

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3 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend – A Fun Blogging Campaign

  1. Adrian (vzaar chief geek)

    I’m surprised that anyone actually blogged about this, especially given the time between order and receive. Although I must admit this is an amusing blog post. I think you might be the only one.

  2. Pascale

    There were quite a few blog post about it. blogged about it, for example. None were as funny, though :o) I wonder how many bloggers wanted a bubble wrap key ring (looks too large for my pocket) or perhaps one of those tasty “featured blogger links” at the top of the Berocca page?! They seem pretty Google friendly. Also, although they are getting link juice to from bloggers linking back – they’re not really doing much with that link love. It’s a bit of an orphaned paged. I know it’s not *all* about SEO but there’s no harm in getting what benefit you can! That said, it is quite cool even if they didn’t actually send the product!

  3. Will – Priority Juggler

    Definitely fun. Shame it came so long after the event, but then I guess it made it more of a surprise! A featured blogger link would be nice. Not sure if they’ve put us up there at all. :(


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