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Mother’s Little Helper

Following on from our successful ‘Cupid’s Little Helper’ competition we’re launching a new version called Mother’s Little Helper.  Here your mum can choose the flowers she wants and let you know what she wants via a Facebook application.  Below is a guide on how to use it.

On top of this, everyone who likes our Facebook page is automatically entered into our competition where you could win a free bouquet from our Mother’s Day range up to the value of £50.

Love MumMothers:  All children are a little forgetful and need helpful reminders on what to get mum, be that a birthday or Mother’s Day. Sometimes inspiration can be a little lacking when deciding which gift is the most appropriate.  So when getting flowers and with so many choices at your disposal you need to give helpful reminders and hints.  With our app all you have to do is click the button “Mum wants this one” and then you’ll share that bouquet on your Facebook timeline. Easy for everyone to see and a nice little reminder for the forgetful ones.

What Present?Children: So many events in which to buy gifts and too many gift ideas to choose from.  We’ve got a great little app that you can send to your mothers to help give you ideas for Mother’s Day presents. No more will have to guess what mum might like, all she has to do is click the “Mum wants this one” button on our competition page and hey presto, that’s what you give on Mothering Sunday.  You’ll be notified as to which bouquet she wants by looking at her timeline on Facebook, simple.

So whether its Roses or Lilies your mum is sure to get a great bouquet when you tell her you can’t make if over on the day itself, well you don’t want to spoil her too much do you?

Arena Flowers’ Valentine’s display wins hearts, not profits


The Telegraph – 14th February 2012

Arena Flowers’ Valentine’s display wins hearts, not profits

Arena Flowers co founder Will Wynne: “Everyone thinks florists make a fortune on Valentine’s Day. You don’t, the growers do.”Read more about Arena Flowers’ Valentine’s strategy in the

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