Keukenhof 2013: "United Kingdom, Land of Great Gardens"


No, this is not The Hoff’s cooking blog but an enlightening article on a park that changes according to nature… Keukenhof.

Based in Holland, Keukenhof is in fact the world’s most beautiful spring garden with over 32 hectares of flowers. It offers 30 inspiring flower shows, 7 amazing gardens along with 100s of wonderful works of art. This year’s theme ‘United Kingdom Land of Great Gardens’ features a spectacular flower mosaic of The Big Ben and Tower Bridge composed of 60,000 flower bulbs.

Big Ben and Tower Bridge

On Saturday 20th April visitors will be given the opportunity to leave the park to watch the 66th annual Bulbflower Parade which will travel 40km along the main roads from Noordwijk to Haarlem, comprising of 20 large floats and more than 30 decorated luxury cars, all decorated with millions of flowers by hundreds of volunteers. Amongst the parade, ahead of the cinema premier, characters from Despicable Me 2 will be showcased on one of the floats, including the iconic daffodil-yellow minions.

So if you’re eager to see more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths all in bloom, then check out more at

Holland Flowers


Win a FREE AmazeBox


Win a FREE AmazeBox

Win a FREE AmazeBox worth up to £19.99

As part of the launch of our new website, we have whipped up a fantastic competition. All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself conveying how much you want a FREE AmazeBox, along with your name and email address.

How much do you really want it?

We’re not judging the picture quality rather the picture content. So happy snapping!

Competition closes on Friday 5th April 2013.

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Announcing AmazeBox. What's in yours?


AmazeBox Box Designs

Hello. A quick post to say I’m delighted to announce our new website ( which has been in public beta for a few weeks now. We’ve been thinking about this for some time but haven’t had the time to build it or release it. Well, now we have. We hope you like it.

More info below but if you want to rush off and order one, use promocode helloamazebox to get 25% off your first order.

What is an AmazeBox?

Example AmazeBoxAn AmazeBox is a customisable occasion-specific gift box including a fresh flower, two treats and a greetings card that fits through your letter box, from just £9.99 (including delivery). The box arrives, you enjoy your treats (chocolates and moisturising cream are proving to be the most popular so far) and then you put the fresh flower, which comes in a little water vial protected by a cellophane wrap and a presentation tray, in its themed pop up stand (which also holds the greetings card) and display them on your desk or wherever you like. The flower will then open over the following days.

There are well over a million possible treat / flower / card design / box design combinations, plus you can make it completely unique with two photo options and a video message option coming shortly, and there are various other upgradeable options (the fully loaded version will cost £19.99 and have six upgraded options). The AmazeBox idea is also patented which means 1. I’m now officially an inventor and 2. that pesky competitors can’t copy the idea. Hooray.

You can see a more detailed description of the AmazeBox and what’s in it here and a more comprehensive AmazeBox FAQs here.

What’s the point of AmazeBox?

We think that there is a gap in the market. We love flowers and do our best to be the best at sourcing them and delivering them…but they’re not always appropriate and / or they may be an expensive option for a quick thank you or a hello. A personalised greetings card, whilst awesome, may not be enough. We think that AmazeBox fills the gap between personalised greetings cards and fresh flowers with an outstanding and innovative experience, at a great price.

AmazeBox Box PhotosWe’ve tried to pack the AmazeBox with fun (there are some frivolous treats categories such as “naughty” and “drinks”) and some really great design work from our design guru Charlotte. Each AmazeBox arrives in a clear shrink wrap, the box design completely visible, meaning that when the recipient goes to check their mail they’ll find a brightly coloured box (potentially with their photo on the outside of the box itself) in amongst all the bills and they should be delighted (I certainly was and I knew my box was coming).

We also have lots of ideas for how to make AmazeBox better and relevant to more people. But the core of it will remain a fresh flower, delivered, with a stand and treats, starting from under ten pounds. No one else offers that. If you have any ideas, please email idea (at)

This isn’t an Oscar speech so I won’t bang on but must say thanks to all the team for their hardwork getting this live. It’s been quite a fun but lengthy project at a busy time of year for a flower business. Glad it’s out there and looks great. We hope you enjoy it.


Chief Priority Juggler and INVENTOR

Slightly salesy PS: you can earn free boxes by taking part in the AmazeBox referral scheme once you’ve placed your first order. It will be coming to Arena soon too. Help us help you and all that.

Slightly informative PS: The fine people at Management Today did a write up of the project too, which can be read by getting clicky with your mouse here.


Top 10 Embarrassing Mum Moments

As we grow older so do our Mums, but no matter how old they are there’s always room for them to commit some sort of cringeworthy crime. It’s the law! There have been several instances where you have probably wanted to find the nearest rock and climb under it. We’ve all had them, but how many of these can you relate to?
Facebook Friend Request1. Makes friends with YOUR friends on Facebook
As if it’s not bad enough that your mum has even joined Facebook, she is now poaching your friends in a bid to spy on your antics. Some things are just better kept schtum.

Gangnam Style Dancing 2. Cracks out Gangnam Style in the kitchen
You’re having dinner round your mum’s and whilst she’s cooking in the kitchen, Gangnam Style blares out of the radio and she suddenly starts dancing like a horse at the kitchen counter. Not only are you mortified by the fact that she even knows the song but also the dance to go with it.
Mum drinking wine3. Drinks one glass of wine and is drunk
Growing up, she’s always enjoyed a glass of wine or two at the weekend, but now you’re older it’s become apparent that it goes straight to her head and she completely loses her filter on what she should and shouldn’t say. Mum! It’s only midday on a Sunday, rein it in a bit.
Birds and the Bees 4. Has the birds and the bees talk with you as an adult
You would think that “the talk” would pop up around puberty, but alas no, she has decided to bring this topic up when it’s just too late. Yes, we know where babies come from but she still persists by yelling ‘Honour God’ at you whilst you’re on your way out to a date.
Photo Album5. Whips out naked photos of you
Who hasn’t this happened to? Mum thinks they are cute, but you beg to differ. The worst thing about it, is that she is now on Facebook so these photos will no longer be confined to the comforts of your home and public humiliation is imminent.
Rollers and face mask6. Answers the door in her dressing gown, hair curlers and a face mask
The shame! You’ve even rung to warn her that you’re popping round for a cup of tea, so why hasn’t she had the decency to change? Yet she stands at the door proud as punch waving to the neighbours.
Wink7. Winks at you whenever you are seen with someone of the opposite sex
She seems to think that even if you so much as look at a member of the opposite sex you must be into them, even it if is your little old neighbour from across the road.
Text Message8. Tries to text the lingo but gets it wrong
You received the text; “Felix just died, LOL Mum x”. You think to yourself, what’s so funny about the cat dying, until you realise that she means ‘lots of love’ instead of ‘laugh out loud’. Epic fail.
Bruce Forsyth9. Starts whistling at the TV when a half naked man appears
This seems fairly acceptable until you realise that she is full on wolf-whistling (yes, fingers and all) to the image of Bruce Forsyth in his pants. Seriously?
Lick wash10. Performing the “lick wash”
We all know what this is, the licking of the thumbs and the wiping of the face, usually in a public place just to add to the humiliation. Doesn’t matter if you’re not old enough to talk or whether you have a family of your own, it happens at all ages.

Yet among all these cringe-worthy moments you just wouldn’t have it any other way and that’s why we love our mums so much. So if you fondly recollect your mum doing any of these embarrassing mum moments then maybe you will want to thank her by sending her some Mother’s Day Flowers.

Mother's Day Flowers


Valentine's – A Conclusion


Dear Friends and Customers,

Valentine’s Day is an important time of year for us. We are fiercely proud of our reputation for delivering the freshest flowers and we prepare hard for this busy time of year. So when we experienced a technical supply-chain issue which threatened to slow production just before the big day itself, I threw all of our reserve resources at the problem.

This was nearly enough to get all bouquets sent, but despite our best efforts, a small fraction of orders were produced just after the courier deadline for Valentine’s delivery. Our reserve courier stepped-in and was able to provide a truck for delivery on 15th so we enlarged bouquets where possible and got them sent out. However, it seems like it was a week when we just couldn’t catch a break: we learnt from our customers that a portion of the late bouquets were not delivered at all.

I immediately doubled the size of the customer service team and then doubled it again. However, despite working 12 hr shifts over the weekend, they have only recently been able to process the backlog of redeliveries and refunds.

Whilst the problems were not in our control, we fully accept the blame as we know that you expect us to deliver. I would like to apologise to those customers affected, particularly those hit by both issues. I also appreciate your patience this week as I have asked the whole team to step-up and resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We believe that we have now resolved, redelivered or refunded all customers, but it is possible that we have missed a few emails: if you have not had a response, please re-send one email to so that we can action it.

Deliveries have been back to our normal high standard from 15th February and we know that this was a one-off problem. I know that many of you will be angry or disappointed with us for our failure. I understand this: I feel wretched that we have let you down. I do however hope that you will use the 50% discount codes we have sent to affected customers to give us a chance to prove that this is not what we normally do.


Will Wynne
Co-Founder Arena Flowers