Since time immemorial, the apple has stood as the timeless, unchanging symbol of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, incited by Eve, which Adam partook of --- and consequently, landed into the earthly realm of sin, corruption and mortality. The Apple- blossom in accordance to this Biblical story therefore contains the sense of a promise --- a temptation, discreet and alluring --- a promise, which entices, tantalizes and then may be, finally disappoints. However, the flower seeps this subtle essence of a hidden lure and expectation.

Traditionally an apple, decorated with cloves, rosemary and holly, is the ideal gift to present on New Year’s Day ---- since it heralds good luck and fortune. In fact, if a person dreams of an apple or an apple-blossom, it prophesies a long life, great success in trade commerce or professional career, and most importantly, a steadfast faithfulness and presence of one’s lover throughout the ups and downs of life. As in former times, dreams were listed either as warnings and omens portending to evil designs and imminent dangers, as also good dreams pointed towards some divine message and success unfolding in one’s life. Apple- blossoms sure promise such heady great stuff ahead in one’s life!

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    I live abroad and have always had a very positive experience whenever I have used Arena Flowers. I will continue to use your services and recommend you to my friends and family. Best regards, Katie
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    My Mother phoned me last night to say the flowers were here. She was so pleased with them and they looked great and were perfect. Lee Y


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