True love’s difficult to find, but if you are fortunate enough to have found it, be sure to give your beloved a ‘forget-me-not’ flower. This flower, scientifically termed, Mycostis sylvatica, from the ‘Boraginaceae’ botanical family, is regarded as an emblem of loving remembrance, faithful love, constancy and undying hope.

In 1948 the little blue Forget Me Not flower, or badge, was adopted as a Masonic emblem at the first Annual Convention of the United Grand Lodges of Germany, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons. The flower, or badge, is now universally worn as a Masonic emblem in the coat lapel to remember all those that have suffered in the name of Freemasonry, and specifically those during the Nazi era.

This blue flower, though quite small in size, expresses sweet memories of true and faithful love, a soft cry- ‘Do not forget’ the sunny and cloudy days of a deep relationship. Medicinally, this plant has a strong affinity for the respiratory organs, especially the left lower lung. In some countries, it is sometimes made into syrup and given for pulmonary affections. There is a tradition that a decoction or juice of the plant hardens steel.

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