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Perfect For Birthdays

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Please note that this product will be unavailable between 10th and 17th of February, inclusive. To find available products, please head to our Valentine's Day range or select a product with a "Valentine's Day" button on the image. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This is a stunning bouquet which has a riot of lovely subtle pink and purple tones and a wide variety of flowers.  The delicately coloured pink aqua roses have a natural blueish tone and are perfectly complemented by the true pink of the little spray roses.  The colour palette is continued with the glorious large purple chrysanthemum blooms with their wonderful shaggy petals and the bright purple gerberas with their velvety dark hearts. The final touch is the addition of the deep purple calla lilies with their stunning sculptural beauty and the whole bouquet is drawn together by the silvery-green of the gorgeous cinera foliage. A bouquet to send with all your love and admiration to someone who really appreciates truly beautiful flowers.

Please note the vase is not included. Click on the link above to add a vase.

This arrangement contains the following flowers:
6 x Pink Spray Roses
4 x Purple Bloom Chrysanthemums
6 x Purple Gerberas
4 x Purple Calla Lilies
7 x Blue Roses
and Cinera foliage
Hand-tied by our florists

In the rare event that a substitution is necessary through flower supply difficulties, we may substitute with flowers of similar or superior style, quality and value.

Average rating for Mulberry is 5 out of 5

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By on 10-03-2014 (about 1 year ago)


Dear Arena Flowers, You perfectly executed the order. I'm happy! :) Thank you very much! Best Regards, Dmitry

By on 02-01-2014 (over 1 year ago)


Hi, would just like to say a big thankyou for the flowers that I ordered from you for my dad, he was delighted with them and as it was my first time ordering flowers of the internet I was a bit apprencive about how or if they would even get to him! I didn't have to worry ~~~~~one happy dad on his birthday Thanks C s

By on 27-09-2013 (over 1 year ago)


Thank you! You are wonderful and I already have received a photo of the "happy boquet" which you have delivered. Very best regards John L

By on 15-09-2009 (over 5 years ago)


I ordered the flowers last night online and they were delivered at 12:30 today. I work in Africa for long periods of which means I spend long periods of time away from my girlfriend back in the UK . Ordering flowers whilst online in Mozambique and having them delivered in London for free, less than 18 hours later is amazing. We were chatting on skype at the time the flowers were delivered which made the delivery extra special for her, even causing tears!. Being able to see her smile as she opened them made it worth even more. The quality of the flowers and arrangement was exceptional and your speed of service is second to none. I have used Arena several times before and every time it has been of the highest quality. I will continue to recommend to to others and use you in the future. Many Thanks, Aaron B

Lengthen the Life of Your Arena Flowers Bouquet

All the flowers in Arena Flowers bouquets have been carefully grown, selected and then arranged by our expert florists to create our wonderful bouquets. Take these simple steps to keep the flowers in the best possible condition:

  1. 1. Place the bouquet over a sink, remove all the packaging and then rinse the stems under running water.
  2. 2. Do not remove the string or elastic from a hand-tied bouquet as it is holding the flowers as they were arranged by the skilled florists at Arena Flowers.
  3. 3. If it is a gift-wrap bouquet then remove the string or elastic in order to be able to arrange the flowers as desired.
  4. 4. Lay the bouquet on its side on a cutting board and remove about 2 cm from each stem, at an angle of 45 degrees, using a sharp knife or scissors. Please take care with sharp implements.
  5. 5. Fill the vase with fresh, lukewarm water and add the flower food provided.
  6. 6. Remove any leaves from the bouquet that will be below the water level in the vase.
  7. 7. Place the vase and flowers in a cool place away from direct heat, sunlight, draughts and any fresh fruit.
  8. 8. Keep the water topped up regularly and replace the water if it becomes at all cloudy.
  9. 9. Retrim the stems, as above, each time you change the water and remove any fading blooms.
  10. 10. Enjoy your Arena Flowers!

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