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Expressing regret and sorrow are not easy things to do. Send flowers and make amends with an honest apology accompanied by a fresh bouquet of wholesome flowers.

Saying I'm sorry with flowers

Nobody’s perfect and Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or special events are sometimes forgotten. Or maybe you’ve been really bad and feel untold regret. Well, flowers may not solve the problem, but they may help get the conversation started and show that you’ve made an effort to say that you are sorry.

They work well because they feel very personal. When a flower delivery arrives, it’s hard to stay angry – at least at the time when you are admiring the flowers. You can use flowers to convey a message of apology in a way that a text message or email can’t.

The most important part of saying “I’m sorry” by sending flowers is the message you include in the card. Depending on the reason for having to apologise, it’s often best to take the point of view of the person you’re apologising too, rather than writing your own feelings about it. Recognise that you may have done something to upset or anger them and express your wish to resolve the situation. Sometimes, it’s effective just to say simply “I’m sorry”, rather than writing something too wordy. It is best not to make demands on someone in the message – don’t pressurise the person to accept the apology, just sit back and hope that the flowers make them recognise that you feel regret and hope to resolve the situation.

If you are feeling bad and regretful, here’s a couple of some of the biggest blunders in history, which might put things into perspective:

-    The Hoover company (the one that makes vacuums) did a promotion in 1992 which offered free flights if you spent £100 on Hoover products. The promotion was so popular that they had to change the offer half way through the promotion. So huge was the uproar from the public that the whole board of the company was dismissed and the company sold. A promotion that cost Hoover nearly £50 million.

-    Another famous blunder was Steve Wynn, a wealthy casino magnate and collector of fine art. He owned a famous Picasso “La Reve” which he had agreed to sell to an avid collector for $39 million. Just before the sale went through, Steve was showing friends the painting and during an animated description of Picasso’s life, managed to puncture the painting with his elbow with a particularly dramatic hand gesture.