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Thank you flowers from ArenaFlowers

Saying "thank you" with a card or words is nice, but saying it with flowers is even better. We at ArenaFlowers have a large selection of flowers you can express your gratitude with, in a variety of colours and types. We have bouquets for all budgets, from £24.98, to £55 for our most luxurious range. 

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More About "Thank You" Flowers

We use fresh flowers and are very particular about our arrangements, ensuring each selection is well complemented, with balanced colours and foliage embellishment. Saying thank you with flowers is a wonderful gesture, and is sure to brighten up the recipient's day! Surprise them at work or home to bring a smile to their face.

The phrase "thank you" derives from the phrase "I thank you" from the 1400's. Now we use as many terms for thank you as we have flowers - cheers, ta, much obliged, gracias!

One of our most popular choices is our 32 British alstroemeria stems. Also known as Peruvian lilies, they come in a bright assortment of pinks, oranges, reds and white petals. It is sure to liven up any room and really show someone your appreciation.

Our Lily & Rose bouquet is a beautiful selection of neutral, gentle colours, comprising of pink oriental lilies, and pink and white roses. Perfectly balanced in simplicity and elegance, it is a traditional bouquet that expresses gratitude. Our flowers are fresh, and are usually sent in bud, so they open the same or next day of arrival, lasting as long as possible.

If you REALLY want to say thank you, our Lavender Blue bouquet is the perfect choice. Made up of lavender, purple freesias, dutch roses and foliage, it is a classic combination. Purple is a rare colour in nature, representing royalty, so with this choice you are telling the recipient that they deserve a hearty "thanks"!

If you order before 2pm Monday - Friday our FREE standard delivery will arrive there the next day!