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Artificial flowers

Whether you’re buying flowers to brighten your home and add a little colour, or trying to find the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, there’s no doubt that one of our beautiful bouquets will tick all of the boxes. However, if you’re looking for something slightly longer lasting, why not invest in an arrangement of artificial flowers?

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Pink Baby Clothes Bouquet

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More About Artifical Flowers

First popular in the 1980’s, artificial flowers used to be made entirely of plastic, but things have changed dramatically since then. Now crafted from materials such as silk and velvet, they look incredibly real and are often difficult to spot; more and more people are using them as bouquets and table arrangements during weddings and other special occasions, simply because of how practical they are. While you can always press real flowers after the event, taking home armfuls of silk flowers and decorating your home with them is a brilliant way of remembering just how special the day was. 

With all of the benefits of real flowers, and with a few advantages of their own, artificial flowers are often a wise choice; they’re a brilliant solution for anyone who has trouble remembering to care for real plants or flowers, as there is no watering, no feeding and no rearranging involved. There’s also the added bonus that artificial flowers are better for the home, as there are no dropping petals to stain your linen, and nothing to aggravate allergies in people.  

The real plus of artificial flowers, though, is simply their cost-effectiveness. You pay once, and end up with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement that will last a lifetime; they’re guaranteed not to wilt or die after a week or so, and won’t ever need replacing. They’re ideal for home decoration, and also to celebrate a special occasion; from a happy wedding, to the birth of a beautiful new baby, the gift of artificial flowers will guarantee a lifelong memory of a wonderfully happy event.