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Feng Shui adherents believe the chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness to your home. At such affordable prices who can resist the chrysanthemums charm.  Our flowers include standard delivery and we get our flowers as quickly from the growers in Holland to recipients so they have a long vase-life and are very fresh.

Chrysanthemums have bright, colourful, double flower heads, suggesting love. The gift of a red chrysanthemum is the token of love, while the yellow chrysanthemum implies slighted love. In fact, the chrysanthemum represents wealth and abundance, and says “You are a wonderful friend". For more information on Chrysanthemums click here for our A to Z of Chrysanthemums or our meanings of Chrysathemums.

Chrysanthemums are lovely flowers in many different shapes and colours.  They go well as highlight flowers in larger bouquets, or work well on their own.  We have a large range of flowers of all types and why not browse round our tulips, roses and many others for delivery.


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Customer Feedback

  • Saturday 5 July 2014
    Thank you so much for the beautiful orchid plant sent to D & D. They looked lovely, blossoming brightly. I would not hesitate to use Arena Flowers again or indeed to recommend your efficient, helpful and polite services. Sincere thanks from Mary S
  • Wednesday 2 July 2014
    This arrangements was delivered in good time on 1 July and received with great pleasure by Jenny. The flowers were in very good condition and stunning! Many thanks. David
  • Tuesday 1 July 2014
    By pure coincidence I received your summer promotion email about an hour after hearing that my daughter had passed her degree with first class honours. Your beautiful flowers are perfect for a celebration. Dianne R


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Sending Chrysanthemums

Comes from the Greek "krus anthemon" meaning gold flower. However nowadays they come in all colours, including bronze, lime green and brick red. For special events, they are even dyed blue.

Chrysanthemums are often referred to as "Mums" in the UK and come in a range of shapes and sizes, including spiders, spoons, buttons and blooms. Blooms are normal chrysanthemum varieties which have undergone intensive and specialised growing care. Instead of letting the plant produce side shoots which would bear flowers, all these shoots are removed, leaving only one central stem. This is then similarly treated so that only one flower bud remains. All the energy of the plant is directed into this bud which then grows to a huge size. Blooms come in many different forms, just like dahlias. Some are tight petaled, with all the petals curling upwards. Some have petals which curve and twist like a huge feather hat.

Relatives include chamomile, tansy, marguerite and matricaria.

Some countries (such as Malta) think it is unlucky to have the flower indoors. It is associated with funerals and All Saints Day. In Germany, people put white chrysanthemums in their homes at Christmas, to welcome baby Jesus. The chrysanthemum is an ancient national favourite of the Chinese and the Japanese, and the flower is depicted on Japan's imperial weapon and flag. Japan also has a national festival devoted to the flower (9th Sept)