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There’s no flower more romantic than a rose. Roses have become the more elite flower for symbolising love and extravagance. Their intricate, tight petal pattern and intoxicating scent makes them extraordinarily beautiful. For centuries, roses have been the ultimate symbol of true love, making them one of the best and most meaningful flowers you could ever send anyone.

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More About Our Roses

Roses come in an incredible array of colours, making them one of the most varied flowers available. What makes the rose extra special is that each of these colours represents a different emotion. Of course, traditional red roses have the strongest association with love and romance. Their sweet perfume and deep, passionate colour makes them a true gesture of affection, devotion and dedication. There’s a reason why Scottish poet, Robert Burns, compared his love to a red, red rose. This flower is the emblem of perfection and a classic and unquestionable way of saying ‘I love you.’ It is for this time-honoured reason that nothing makes a bigger statement on Valentines Day than sending a beautiful bouquet of stunning red roses.

A pink rose is often given as a token of appreciation. Fantastic occasions to send a pink rose bouquet would be Mother’s Day, as a Thank You gift, or to show a retiring colleague that you have appreciated everything that they’ve done at the company. 

Yellow roses are the ultimate symbol of friendship. The symbolism of these warm, sunny flowers means that you don’t need a particular occasion to send them, as the message says: ‘Hey, just thanks for being you.’ What a wonderful way to brighten up a friend’s day! However, if it’s an occasion you’re looking for, yellow roses are perfect to send when sending congratulations or get well soon, as they’re vibrant colour connotes positivity and happiness. 

Orange roses are absolutely stunning and come in a variety of sunshiny ambers and deep, passionate burnt gingers. Orange is the biggest representative colour of joy, so are sure to put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face. Orange is a very enthusiastic colour, making them a great gift for friends when celebrating a happy event or as a gesture of encouragement. 

A pure white rose is the ultimate sign of purity and innocence. This makes them the most thoughtful gift when celebrating new beginnings, such as on wedding days and christenings. As well as this, the simple, classic beauty and elegance of a white rose makes them an incredibly considerate element of a bouquet when sending condolences or as a gesture of remembrance.  

So make sure that you’re sending the right gesture by selection the perfect colour rose for your message, whether it’s love, remembrance or friendship. Arena Flowers have a fantastic selection of roses in an array of stunning arrangements and colours. Take advantage of our free standard delivery and send some today.


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Customer Feedback

  • Monday 17 November 2014
    My mum was delighted with her flowers sent today on her 85th birthday. Once again you have rescued me when I have been many thousands of miles from home and have had to put my trust in you to deliver a bouquet that will make her day. She was raving about the size and beauty of the White roses in particular. June B
  • Tuesday November 11 2014
    The feedback I get from all the people I send your flowers to is so fantastic, I wouldn’t use any other company. Julie B
  • Tuesday 4 November 2014
    Hi I don't buy flowers very often but the past few times I have done I have used Arena Flowers. I find the website easy to use, the range available very good, prices are very competitive and the quality excellent. I have had flowers delivered today for my sisters 70th birthday and she loves them. Thank you for helping to make her day special Regards Pat S


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