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White Lily Bouquet

Good Luck Flowers

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A calming bouquet of pure white lilies that is suitable for any occasion.  This is a perfectly simple, yet perfectly beautiful, expression of floral elegance. These beautiful Oriental lilies arrive in bud, ready to open out and fill the room with their sweet, exotic scent. This lovely bouquet is guaranteed to delight and charm the recipient with its beauty and fragrance!


Our lilies may arrive unopened but the buds will come into bloom within a day or two and the recipient will be able to enjoy the flowers for even longer.

Please also note that the vase is not included with this product. To purchase the vase click on add vase above.

Average rating for White Lily Bouquet is 5 out of 5

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By on 12-03-2014 (about 1 year ago)


Hello, I tried to write a review, but don't know where to. Just wanted to say a big thank you my aunty sent me a photo of the flowers and they were lovely as an ex florist was very chuffed. Kind regards Lorraine

By on 05-09-2011 (over 3 years ago)


Hello Thank you for delivering the flowers on time. Obviously I haven't seen them but my sister-in-law was absolutely delighted with them! Regards Pat G

By on 09-11-2010 (over 4 years ago)


Thank you so much for such good service - My sister-in-law - Lil - was delighted and said that they were beautiful. Again many thanks. Frances H

By on 20-10-2010 (over 4 years ago)


Hi Ruth, Well you delivered again!! Thankyou SO SO much for having such an informative website & easy to negotiate around. ( Youv'e thought of everything! ) And to top it off, you had those flowers delivered in London, within HOURS of when I ordered them! Such a professional service.And our daughter remarked ( last time as well ) how absolutely fresh the flowers were & ofcourse how long they lasted. I wouldn't order flowers from any where else, & it is SO good to just click on your site & have the enjoyable task done so quickly & easily. Thankyou, thankyou. thankyou, Arena flowers!! Regards, David & Joy B, Australia.

By on 26-05-2010 (almost 5 years ago)


Thanks, Alana just emailed me saying she had received them and that they look fantastic! Regards Jason

By on 31-12-2009 (about 5 years ago)


My sister was away for several days over Christmas and missed the delivery. She had alerted her neighbors to be available either to receive the flowers or look for them at her door. On her return she received through the mailbox a message saying that her 'package' was waiting for her return. She was most distressed. You can imagine her astonishment when the flowers arrived safe and sound except for one single stem, which was broken. She asked me to tell you that the flowers were magnificent but more than that - she had never seen such exquisite care and packaging. She is absolutely delighted. That tells me that you not only care for your flowers but that you care deeply about your customers. Thank you so much for saving the day! God bless you and happy and prosperous new year. Elizabeth P.

By on 09-09-2009 (over 5 years ago)


Dear Ruth and Stefanie Thanks for your help. I tried Marks and Spencer and Interflora before I found your company on the internet. Neither M&S or Interflora could deliver the flowers because the address is in a newly built development and their systems don't have the postcode on record, so I really appreciate that arena flowers went to the bother of finding out where the house was and delivering the flowers and chocolates.. Best wishes, Elinor

By on 26-07-2009 (over 5 years ago)


Dear Sirs, Thank you so much for the delivery it arrived on time and made the recipeint very happy indeed your sincerely Rachel

By on 16-04-2009 (about 6 years ago)


I just wanted to say thank you. I love your end to end service delivery. I have received continuous updates from your service and the last email confirming the time and date of the delivery is a real winner. Thanks for making it a breeze. Warm Regards, Berk E

By on 16-04-2009 (about 6 years ago)


I must say I am very impressed with the service, I loved getting the text to let me know when the flowers have been delivered!! Well done!! Charlie H

Lengthen the Life of Your Arena Flowers Bouquet

All the flowers in Arena Flowers bouquets have been carefully grown, selected and then arranged by our expert florists to create our wonderful bouquets. Take these simple steps to keep the flowers in the best possible condition:

  1. 1. Place the bouquet over a sink, remove all the packaging and then rinse the stems under running water.
  2. 2. Do not remove the string or elastic from a hand-tied bouquet as it is holding the flowers as they were arranged by the skilled florists at Arena Flowers.
  3. 3. If it is a gift-wrap bouquet then remove the string or elastic in order to be able to arrange the flowers as desired.
  4. 4. Lay the bouquet on its side on a cutting board and remove about 2 cm from each stem, at an angle of 45 degrees, using a sharp knife or scissors. Please take care with sharp implements.
  5. 5. Fill the vase with fresh, lukewarm water and add the flower food provided.
  6. 6. Remove any leaves from the bouquet that will be below the water level in the vase.
  7. 7. Place the vase and flowers in a cool place away from direct heat, sunlight, draughts and any fresh fruit.
  8. 8. Keep the water topped up regularly and replace the water if it becomes at all cloudy.
  9. 9. Retrim the stems, as above, each time you change the water and remove any fading blooms.
  10. 10. Enjoy your Arena Flowers!

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