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There are few cuddly toys more loved than the classic teddy bear. ArenaFlowers can deliver a gorgeous loveable bear with any of their fabulous floral bouquets, or even just send a teddy bear on its own. One day of the year where teddy bears are most commonly given as tokens of love is on Valentine’s Day. A red heart being clutched in the fluffy paws of a soft toy is the perfect accompaniment to a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates. Unlike the flowers and chocolates – which will only have a limited life – the cuddly friend can be treasured for years to come, making it a lasting memento of love.

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Gifts / Teddy Bears
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  • Molly Bunny
    Molly Bunny
    Free Delivery
  • Bonnie Get Well Soon Bear
    Bonnie Get Well Soon Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Pink Bear
    Pink Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Theodore Love Teddy Bear
    Theodore Love Teddy Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Garfield
    Free Delivery
  • Olle Love Teddy Bear Brown
    Olle Love Teddy Bear Brown
    Free Delivery
  • Olle Love Teddy Bear White
    Olle Love Teddy Bear White
    Free Delivery
  • Eddie Bear
    Eddie Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Mini Molly Bunny
    Mini Molly Bunny
    Free Delivery
  • Cuddly Teddy Bear
    Cuddly Teddy Bear
    Free Delivery
  • Milly the Cat
    Milly the Cat
    Free Delivery

More About Teddy Bears

Sometimes the biggest surprises are the biggest bears and ArenaFlowers specialise in delivering wonderfully big bears, which make great birthday or Christmas presents for nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Add to these giant teddies a celebratory helium balloon as well and there’s not a child anywhere who wouldn’t be blown away on their special day. As much as everybody loves a bear sometimes a pink fluffy kitty cat or a floppy eared bunny rabbit might be a nice alternative. There’s even the loveable favourite of Garfield for those who are young at heart and remember the much-loved exploits of the lasagne addict. 

It’s not always happy occasions where flowers and gifts need to be sent, for anyone who’s been a bit under the weather or having a spell in hospital then a ‘get well soon’ bear and accompanying card will mean the world. Flowers are the perfect gift to brighten up a dull hospital bedside, especially if they’re sent with their own vase, although in some wards they aren’t allowed: this is when a friendly smiling stuffed toy can be a great alternative.

Many new mums are overwhelmed with blooms once their little one arrives, so it’s often nice to add a little pink or blue bear with the flower delivery so that there’s something for the baby as well, meaning both gifts can be sent at once. There are few gifts as timeless as a teddy bear, which is why they continue to be so warmly received and adored for years to come.


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Customer Feedback

  • Tuesday 12 August 2014
    Beautiful bouquet, lovely colours, very well presented. Recipient was delighted with them! Carol T
  • Monday 11 August 2014
    I found ordering the bouquet of flowers + balloon really easy.My sister was surprised when the bouquet arrived.She couldn't believe the amount of flowers there were. Rosemarie S
  • Saturday 9 August 2014
    Excellent service, very good web site, my twin sister was delighted with her beautiful very fresh flowers, thankyou. Cynthia F


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