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Every now andagain someone needs an opinion on flowers, or perhaps something to do with the web, and we get a call.  We're not quite sure why but it's good fun (if a bit scary).  Maybe it's because, unlike your local petrol station, we know a bit about flowers that will impress the recipient rather than spark divorce proceedings.  Or maybe we've just got a memorable phone number.  We don't know but, either way, it makes our mums very proud and that's a good thing! 

The Times - April 29th 2014

The Times Logo

Arena Flowers Takes A Direct Approach

We've been featured in the UKs most prestigious broadsheet, The Times, as part of their "How to be a responsible business" supplement. We were chuffed. Read the Arena Flowers article here.

Bloomberg - March 2014

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Brand-Building With F-Bombs: Small Biz Looks To Twitter

Our Twitter account keeps picking up interest, this time with global behemoth Bloomberg interviewing us. Read the article including Arena Flowers' contribution here.

TechRepublic - March 2014

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10 wacky brand voices that have way too much fun on Twitter

Another article on funny Twitter brands, this time by the massive TechRepublic site. Arena Flowers is in position two out of ten. We may ask the judges for a recount!

Fairtrade - February 2014

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Arena Flowers is now an approved Fairtrade supplier. Blog post on the topic to follow soon!

Hootsuite - 21st February 2014

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10 Tweets That Should Be Taken Seriously

A fun article listing ten great Twitter accounts, with @arenaflowers at the top of the list!

The Guardian - 13th February 2014

The Guardian

Valentine's Day Ethics: How green is your red rose?

Hoping to make romance bloom? Seduced by chocolate? Here's how (according to The Guardian) to ensure your gifts of love are slave-free and sustainable. Featuring Arena Flowers.

Twitter, Mashable & Shortlist - October 2013

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We've had a bit of nice coverage recently, thanks to the @arenaflowers Twitter feed (Arena Flowers twitter approach explained here). First up, Arena Flowers featured in "Top Ten Brands To Follow on Twitter" on Shortlist.com, then Arena featured in a funny brands article on Mashable. It may or may not have all been kicked off by the great Twitter gods themselves putting us up on their blog and doing a short video about our Twitter account. You can read (and watch) "How humour on Twitter was key to success for @ArenaFlowers" here. Smashing!

 Fourth Source - 5th August 2013

Fourth Source

Choosing The Right Social Media Platform

Apparently we're punching above our weight on social media. You bet we are! *shadow boxes* Check out the article on Fourth Source here. An interesting read.

Big Fish - 24th July 2013


Big Fish

Humanising Corporate Twitter Accounts: Why Humour Works

A good read on corporate Twitter accounts and why not being po-faced can make for good strategy as well as fun for all concerned. And Arena Flowers gets a mention. Hurrah!

direct commerce - 17th April 2013

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Career Moves Preview - Will Wynne

A quick write up on the soft launch for AmazeBox and how it came out of Arena Flowers. Longer version coming in the print article in May. Read the preview about Arena Flowers and AmazeBox on the Direct Commerce here.

FluidBlog - 17th February 2013

The Power Of The Unexpected In Content Marketing. A nice write up of the Arena Flowers Twitter strategy. Thanks!

Management Today - 4th February 2013

Diary Of A Start Up: Will Wynne, AmazeBox.co.uk. A whistlestop tour of setting up AmazeBox.co.uk whilst also running ArenaFlowers.com!

The Wall - 31st January 2013

Bet on engaging with Twitter, not selling. Another nice write up of the Arena Flowers Twitter stream.

Financial Times - 10th January 2013 

Financial Times


The Power of a Titter on Twitter.
"The thinking behind Arena Flowers’ tweets is slightly different."
Click here to read Financial Times on Arena flowers, The Power of a Titter on Twitter.

Wedding Ideas - 3rd May 2012

Wedding ideas logo

Real Wedding at St John’s Wood Church, London – Carolyn and Barney.

Management Today - 1st April 2012

Management Today


"Decisions: Will Wynne, Arena Flowers." The co-founder of the online flower retailer gives his best and worst decisions in business.
Click here to read Management Today, Decisions: Will Wynne, Arena Flowers


Kasier The Sage - 24th April 2012


Know how to promote Content for Boring industries. We feature. Erm...thanks...we think!

Pocket-lint - 15th March 2012


"Arena Flowers, a bloomin' marvellous business that really gets it." Discover Arena Flowers' tools and ideas to be the Webiste of the Day on Pocket-Lint!
Click here to read Pocket-lint, ArenaFlowers website of the day



Bullet Social - 27th February 2012


Discover a new way of creating a strong customer relationship on Twitter. Unique and Successful @ArenaFlowers, a twitter account based on witty writing.
Click here to read Bullet Social 'Is being funny the right way to do Twitter for your brand?' 



The Telegraph - 14th February 2012


Arena Flowers' Valentine's display wins hearts, not profits



Arena Flowers co founder Will Wynne: "Everyone thinks florists make a fortune on Valentine’s Day. You don’t, the growers do."Read more about Arena Flowers' Valentine's strategy in the Telegraph.co.uk.


Also published:


Management Today - Arena Flowers - The entrepreneur's guide to surviving Valentine's (This particular Arena Flowers article also seen here.)


Your Hidden Portal - The journey so far - Will Wynne of Arena Flowers




Press Release - 12 January 2011
ProFlowers.com (US) Selects ArenaFlowers.com (Europe) to Offer International Flower Delivery Service to Americans

ProFlowers Logo


ArenaFlowers.com, the leading European flowers and gifts business, is pleased to announce the launch of ProFlowers International, a service \ that it is operating in conjunction with ProFlowers.com, one of the leading US online flower companies. Read full press release.


Press release also published on:


E-consultancy - ProFlowers signs up Arena Flowers for international e-commerce partnership.


DailyMail.co.uk - Arena's flower power wins US deal to supply Europe



My Fake Name - 15 December 2011
Business and Social Media


How Social Media platforms are managed by brands and @ArenaFlowers described as "so funny. Mostly not about flowers but I'll bet they've got loads of business from it". Read the article Business and Social Medias.



TGB Digital - 12 December 2011
Industry opinion: Twitter relaunch



New Media Age's survey on the new Twitter depicted it as a major improvement for brands. Read what TBG reports on @ArenaFlowers twitter account in Industry opinion: Twitter relaunch.



The Independent - 25 October 2011
The perils of over-reliance


The Independent logo


Never depend on one supplier – it will come back to haunt you, explains Will Wynne, founder of Arena Flowers. Three examples of why you should always have two suppliers for every key part of your business, if at all possible. Read the article here.

BBC NEWS Business - 24h June 2011
Firms ignore the foreign language internet at their peril

Read what we at Arena Flowers had to say to the BBC on our expansion in Europe and the adaptation of our sites to local languages



Econsultancy Blog - 7th June 2011
Three months in: the new Cap Code and online business


Econsultancy logo


Will Wynne discusses the new cap and ASA remit within the online space, drawing examples of upheld adjudications and revealing some of the grey areas of the code with a view to encouraging econsultancy audience to familiarise themselves and their teams with the new rules. Read his post Three months in: the new Cap Code and online business.



The Telegraph - 10th March 2011
New export research tool helps translate products into sales



Founder of Arena Flowers, Will Wynne, explains how an online-driven export push drove overseas sales to deliver 19% of the company's £4m revenues. Read more about Arena Flowers use of Google's new export research tool in their international marketing strategy on the Telegraph.co.uk.



Econsultancy Blog - 9th February 2011
How should a young company approach social media marketing


Econsultancy logo


Will Wynne again puts thoughts across to the econsultancy audience, this time writing about some of Arena Flowers' experiences in the tricky but explosive social media space. Read his post How should a young company approach social media marketing?.



Econsultancy Blog - 4th November 2010
International e-commerce: three things to consider


Econsultancy logo


Will Wynne writes once more as guest blogger on Econsultancy, this time taking on some of the issues ecommerce can face going about international expansion. Read his post International e-commerce: three things to consider.



Google & The Boston Consulting Group Report - 28th October 2010
A Flowering Online Presence


Google logoBoston Consulting Group Logo


A report by The Boston Consulting Group and Google on the UK internet economy The Connected Kingdom: how the internet is transforming the UK uses Arena Flowers, along with 9 other leading online commerce sites, to demonstrate the web’s capability to reach new audiences and create a unique and scalable business across Europe. Read the Arena Flowers case study. Read the full report



Love My Dress features Arena Flowers' wedding flowers - 18th October 2010
A Town & Country Yurt Wedding with Sign Language, Origami and...Love!


Love my Dress


We were recently featured on wedding blog Love My Dress for the wedding flowers of friends of Arena, William Mager, BBC director and his wife Cathy Woolley, producer and curator at the South Bank Centre. Find out more about the wedding - the dress, the yurt and of course the flowers in the blog post A Town & Country Yurt Wedding with Sign Language, Origami and...Love!.



Yodel Press Release - 6th October 2010
Yodel wins Arena Flowers Delivery Contract


Yodel Logo


Yodel wins the Arena Flowers flower delivery contract. Read the press release.



Econsultancy Blog - 29th September 2010
Six top tips for bootstrapped startups


Econsultancy logo


Will Wynne, guest blogger for Econsultancy writes some of his top tips of starting up a bootstrapped business.



Management Today - 20th August 2010
My Week: Will Wynne of Arena Flowers



Our head flower juggler, Will, was interviewed by Management Today on his typical week; read his tales of late rising, frequent flying, and why the names of flowers still elude him here: My Week: Will Wynne of Arena Flowers.



London First - 20st July 2010
Arena Flowers supporting the need for investment in the London Underground



A letter to Philip Hammond Minister of Transport, signed by Arena Flowers amongst others, recognises the importance of the London Underground for economic growth in the UK.  The Tube needs to be more reliable if continued prosperity is not to be put at risk.


See London First business leaders letter to Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP



London Business Network - 18th June 2010
CompeteFor contract to supply floral services to Transport for London


London Business Logo


London Business Network provides businesses with useful information about London 2012, related commercial opportunities and advice on how to take advantage of the wider benefits offered by the Games.


See Arena Flowers in London Business Network



Smarta 100 Winners - 22nd February 2010
Arena Flowers awarded in the Smarta 100


Smarta 100


"The Smarta 100 are a collection of the finest small and emerging businesses in Britain, individually defined in their own carefully-sculpted identities, run by people who've passionately laboured over establishing these distinctions"


See Arena Flowers in the Smarta 100.


See all Smarta 100 winners and read about the award.



 PayPal's Let's Talk Blog - 03 January 2010


The eCommerce Expo - Marketing Innovaton for eCommerce

PayPal Let's Talk Blog

As part two of his occasional series on the PayPal blog, Will wrote about Arena Flowers & Marketing Innovation

Read the first installment, Arena Flowers & the Basics of Ecommerce, here.

The Mirror - 05 February 2010
Take Five - Deals for Valentine's

Hooray! Our flowers were selected as one of the best Valentine's deals by national newspaper, The Mirror.  Read the article here.  

PayPal's Let's Talk Blog - 01 December 2009
The eCommerce Expo - The Basics of eCommerce

PayPal Let's Talk Blog

It's been a bit quiet in the news section here recently, mainly as all of our news has been of the top secret, hush hush, say no more variety.  However, we're happy to share a recent post that Will wrote for PayPal UK's "Let's Talk" blog.  Will will was invited to speak at the eCommerce Expo in London (if you're interested, email us and we'll send you a link to the video of his presentation).  As a follow up, Will is writing a series of short articles on PayPal's blog, covering where Arena sees ecommerce going in the future.  Read the first installment, Arena Flowers & the Basics of Ecommerce, here.

Google Conversion Room Blog - 13 July 2009
How to convert clicks into profit - Download free Google how-to guide

Google Logo

Arena Flowers has been quoted! by Google!! Will Wynne, our MD's thoughts on conversion tracking has been quoted by Google in a how-to guide on conversion tracking. You can dowload the free guide here. Don't miss Will's quote on Page 5 of the document.

Various - August 2009
British Heart Foundation

Earlier this year, we had announced our partnership with British Heart Foundation to provide flowers for the BHF Online Flower shop. A few months on, we seem to be doing quite well through our charity offering. Recently, Beautiful Homes and Country Homes & Interiors, two of the best interior magazines have recommended some of our flower bouquets from the BHF Flowers Site. Click here for the listing on Beautiful Homes and here for the listing on Country Homes & Interiors.

Best magazine - 21 July 2009
10 Beautiful Bouquets

Best Magazine logo

Popular weekly glossy, Best magazine chose our ethically sourced Pink Lily Bouquet for their top ten of beautiful bouquets. Similar to the Independent's article, the magazine makes special mention of our our fast turnaround, freshness and award-winning florists. Read the article here.

Google Export Adviser Case Study - June 2009
Best of British: Success Stories - ArenaFlowers.com

Google Logo

Google's Export Adviser campaign features ArenaFlowers.com as a case study to encourage UK businesses to expand their reach to new markets internationally. Watch Will share Arena Flowers thought's or  download the case study here. UPDATE: We even feature with some politician types here: Arena Flowers meet Lord Davies. That will definitely make our school teachers proud. :D

The Independent - 30 June 2009
The 10 Best Florists

The Independent logo

The Independent's lifestyle pages featured Arena Flowers as one of the Top 10 Best florists, showcasing our ethically sourced pink lily bouquet while highlighting our unique freshness and award-winning florists. Read the article here.

eBay, Ecommerce, Life  - 16 June 2009
10 lessons for life from Will Wynne of Arena Flowers

Recently, Will was invited to write a guest post for eBay, Ecommerce, Life about setting up Arena Flowers. Will compiled a list of ten issues that we came across at Arena Flowers when we set it up three years ago. Read the Arena Flowers post here.

Discount Shopping 2K  - May 2009
Buy Flowers Online

Discount Shopping 2K, one of our affiliates through Affiliate Window has has written a glowing review about our flowers, delivery and customer service on his blog. Read the post on Arena Flowers here.

AccountingWeb.com  - May 2009
Social Networking can really pay off

Given that we are an online company, Social Media Marketing has been one of our biggest strengths. From starting a blog to participating on Twitter, Facebook fan page to the fun application, Flowers & Fun, we have been active on most social platforms. Dan Martin, editor of BusinessZone.co.uk, while investigating the business benefits of social media, highlights Arena Flowers achievements here.

The BHF Blog  -  19 May 2009
Say it (and save lives) with BHF Flowers

The BHF Blog

One more charity offering from Flowers HQ. We have teamed up with British Heart Foundation to provide flowers for the BHF Online Flower shop. 20% of all flower orders will be donated to the British Heart Foundation Charity. Read more about BHF Online Flower Shop here.

Various  -  March 2009
Mother's Day Flowers

For those of you unaware of our charity efforts, we are working together with the UK's leading Cancer Research Charity and we have launched a charity flowers website to help our customers to do their bit for the charity. Following our launch in January 2009, the website received significant media coverage for our exclusive mother's flowers range. Read more about the website here and the coverage here:

NHSDiscounts.com  - 27 March 2009
Discount Flowers for NHS Staff

NHS Discounts

We are proud to announce the launch of NHSDiscounts.com Flowers site offering exclusive discounts to NHS Staff. Visit Arena Flowers NHS Discount Flowers site here.

Green Family Living  - 18th March 2009
Ethical Flowers for Mother's Day

Green Family Living, a website dedicated to promote eco-friendly products, events and organisations recommends Arena Flowers range for sending Mother's Day Flowers. Read more about Arena Flowers eco-credentials here.

The Sunday Telegraph  - 22nd Feb 2009
Fraud Fight on the Cards

We are quiet wary of fraud and take a number of precautions to avoid fraud in our business, one of them being the use of PayPal Top Up Card for business transactions. A Sunday Telegraph special on fighting online fraud through the use of prepaid cards features an interview with Will, our MD, and he highlights the benefits of using prepaid cards for business. Read the Arena Flowers interview here.

Daily Mail - 10th Feb 2009
Valentine's Day Flower Guide

This article in the Daily Mail focused on cheap Valentine's flowers.  We're delighted to report that we weren't featured as we don't sell cheap rubbish.  However, as one of a number of 'alternative' Valentine's suggestions, the Mail referred to the Cancer Research flower shop (which is powered by ArenaFlowers).  A much better way to spend Valentine's pennies than on cheap flowers!

Guardian Ethical Living Blog - 9th Feb 2009
Valentine's Day Flower Guide for Helpless Environmantics

Guardian Logo

Guardian's ethical living blog lists Arena Flowers' range of bouquets as one of the top five green choices for environment friendly Valentine's flowers. The article was featured on the Guardian homepage too. Read more about Arena Flowers Valentine's range here and click here for a screenshot of the Guardian home page with a link to the article.

Fuel My Blog - 6th Feb 2009
Blog of the Day

Fuel My Blog

Fuel My Blog, a manually reviewed community exclusive to bloggers features our blog, Flowers...Uncut as blog of the day. Here's a screen shot of Arena Flowers blog on Fuel my Blog.

Metro - 28th Jan 2009
Valentine's Special: Tips for Incurable Romantics

Metro Logo

Given the current economic climate, we all seem to be bothered by jargons such as recession, credit crunch. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it is a welcome distraction from the financial worries. Metro, the UK's first urban newspaper has published some great tips for the incurable romantics and not suprisingly, lists sending flowers from Arena Flowers as one of the great ways to make Valentine's a special day. Read about Arena Flowers listing here.

Various - Jan 2009
Arena Flowers on Twitter

The popularity of the new social networking phenomenon, Twitter seems to be growing by the day. There have been numerous blog posts listing famous tweeters including celebrities and businesses in the web world. Arena Flowers has been active on Twitter for over a year, but we only adapted to it a few months back and our Twitter account has been a tremendous hit with it being mentioned in a few blog posts. Here's list of few of the posts where Arena Flowers gets a mention:

BT Tradespace - 13th Jan 2009
Featured Tradespacer - Arena Flowers

We were one of the first businesses to go live on BT Tradespace, an online community which brings together businesses and customers, when the service opened for public beta in 2007. Sam, our Design & Development Guru was recently interviewed by BT Tradespace and featured as a case study. Watch the Arena Flowers Interview here.

Cosmopolitan Bride - Dec/Jan 2009
Jewel Tone - Pomander with Orchids, Hydrangeas, Dahlias & Roses

Cosmopolitan Bride

Cosmopolitan Bride, the UK's leading weddings and bridal magazine featured one of our bespoke wedding creations, a Pomander with Orchids, Hydrangeas, Dahlias & Roses in their December/January 2009 edition. View the Arena Weddings creation here.

Rackspace - December 2008
ArenaFlowers.com - An Online Bouquet


Rackspace, the World leaders in providing hosting solutions and our hosting service providers have recently featured Arena Flowers as one of the Case Studies. Read the article here.

Mail on Sunday - 14th December 2008
False Virus Alert Leaves Florist's Orders Wilting

Mail on Sunday

A couple of weeks back we had done a post on Flowers...Uncut highlighting how Message Labs had falsely identified Arena Flowers Newsletter as spam, which cost us quite a few orders. This was featured as an article under the technology section of Mail on Sunday. Read about Arena Flowers on Mail on Sunday here.

Update 1: The Register, one of the UK's leading technology publishers picked up on our concerns and featured an article about Arena Flowers here. The article also featured on Softpedia, a leading technology related online publisher. Read the article on Arena Flowers here.

Update 2: Spamfighter, Europer's leading anti-spam software developer, featured a story on Arena Flowers here.

NoClue - 01st November 2008
Arena Flowers

A glowing write up about Arena Flowers by one of our satisfied customers on her personal blog. We are pleased to know that our customers love our flowers and our service!

E-Commerce Expo & Fraud World 2008 - October 2008
Optimising your Online Sales | Fraud Prevention

Dan Wilson

Will represented Arena Flowers at the E-Commerce Expo 2008 in Olympia, speaking on optimising online sales for businesses. Will is also doing a presentation on online fraud prevention for Fraud World 2008 at Whitehall Place.

Small Business 2.0 - 16th October 2008

Dan Wilson

Following Will's presentation on 'Introduction to SEO' at the Small Business 2.0 event, Dan Wilson, a leading Freelance Consultant and writer specialising in online communities summarises Arena Flowers' presentation on his blog, while highlighting the importance of maximising conversions, without which SEO adds little value to an ecommerce enabled site. Listen to the full audio of Will's presentation here.

Small Business 2.0 - 10th October 2008
Introducing Search Engine Optimisation

Small Business 2.0 Logo

Arena Flowers has been invited to speak on Seach Engine Optimisation for small business at the Small Business 2.0 exhibition being held at the New Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. Will Wynne, our Managing Director will be speaking at the event. Click here for registration and further details about Small Business 2.0.

Google Adwords Success Stories - September 2008
Arena Flowers Blooms with Adwords

Google Adwords

Since we are an online florist, we rely on Google adwords as an online advertising medium to reach out to our customers. Owing to the success of our Search Marketing campaigns, we have been featured as a success story on Google Adwords. Read Arena Flowers Case Study here.

EthicalSuperStore.com - 11th September 2008
Arena Flowers' Ethical Range Now Available Through Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore

Arena Flowers is proud to be associated with Ethical Superstore, a leading online store for fair trade, organic and eco-friendly shopping. Visit Arena Flowers online shop at Ethical Superstore.

Retail Systems Awards - 11th September 2008
Recognising the Stars of Retail

And the story goes on...following Arena Flowers' successful nomination for IMRG's Online Green Retail Awards, we have been nominated again for Retail Systems Awards under the 'Environmental Initiative of the Year' category. Read more about Arena Flowers' Nomination here.

Pearson Education - September 2008
Arena Flowers gets a mention in an academic text

Pearson Education

Arena Flowers is being used as a mini case study in the forthcoming academic text Internet Marketing - Strategy, Implementation and Practice. The text is being published by Pearson Education's higher and professional education division and is expected to hit shelves in December 2008. It's a great compliment to get a mention in an academic text.  You can reserve a copy of the text by clicking here: Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice.

Bridalwave.tv - 8th August 2008
Ethical Bouquets with Arena Flowers


Bridalwave, a leading blog on bridal fashion edited by Camila Chafer, reviews Arena Flowers' eco-credentials and highlights our ethical bouquets and wedding flowers services.  Read Arena Flowers Review here.

GreenBiz.com - 29th July 2008
EBay, U.K. Grocer Ocado Among OLGA Winners


GreenBiz.com, the leading online news and information resource on environmental responsibility showcases the winners of Online Green Retail Awards (OLGAs) with a worthy mention of Arena Flowers as the winner of Small Retailer segment. Read more about Arena Flowers achievement here.

IRMG - 17th July 2008
Arena Flowers Nominated in the Online Green Awards


It was a very nice surprise for us this week to get an email through saying we'd been nominated for the shortlist for the IMRG Online Green Awards.  We try hard to be green (but can improve in lots of areas, and will in the future), but it's nice that people out there chose to nominate us!  We find out on the 24th where we came so we'll keep you posted!  See Arena Flowers Nomination here. UPDATE: We won.  Woo Hoo!  Read about Arena Flowers winning here.

ArenaBlumen.de - 14th July 2008
Our German Language Website Goes Live!

Blumen | Blumenversand innerhalb Deutschland | Blumenladen | Blumenlieferung | Florist | Blumengeschäft | Hochzeitsblumen

Hot on the heels of our launch of Arena Bloemen, our Dutch language site, last month, we have now launched Arena Blumen, our German language site, this month. We are now buying flower off the Dutch auction, as for our UK and Dutch sites, and then delivering next day across the whole of Germany. "Blumenversand innerhalb Deutschland" anyone?!

Life Goggles - 11th July 2008
Interview About Arena Flowers - Origins, Ethics & Future Direction

Life Goggles

Having done a review of our flowers recently, the excellent green resource lifegoggles asked us to explain a bit more about who we are, where we've come from, how green we really are and where we're heading.  Will answered the questions and hopefully enlightened lifegoggle's green readers. Read the Arena Flowers interview here.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - July 2008
Bouquets of Emotion

Our skilled team of florists recreated gorgeous bouquets representing floral emotions including happiness, jealousy, passion, fear etc., for the 2008 Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Read more about Arena Flowers' creations here.

MOO.com - 1st July 2008
MOO Ideas - Bespoke Business Cards

MOO.com Logo

The clever people over at MOO.com have just launched their new Business Cards product, which allows you to have different images on all your business cards.  Arena Flowers joined the party and MOO also did a very nice write up of Arena Flowers + our business cards here.

BusinessZone.co.uk - June 2008
And the winner is: How to clinch an award

Louise Druce, Features editor for Business Zone, the popular online forum for small businesses in the UK, highlights Arena Flowers as one of the few companies which has succeeded in winning a business award with HSBC Start up Stars.  The article offers a few invaluable suggestions for businesses on how awards could help with marketing and networking. Read the article here

Professional Beauty - June 2008
Saving the Planet - Gifts: Arena Flowers

Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty, one of the UK's largest selling health, beauty and spa magazine, while identifying businesses across different sectors which have ensured being eco-friendly works for them, credits Arena Flowers as the leading business in the Gifts Sector. Read the article here.

Life Goggles - 13th June 2008
Arena Flowers Bouquet Eco Product Review

Life Goggles

Adam Williams from Life Goggles, a green blog about the environment, green reviews, news and interviews, reviewed our flower delivery services with some great, positive feedback. Read the Arena Flowers review here

Press Release - 04th June 2008
ArenaBloemen.nl -
Selling Flowers to the Flower Country!

Bloemen Bezorgen Op Amsterdam Bloemist

Last week we proudly added our first international offering, ArenaBloemen.nl to our stable. Based in Noordwijkerhout, West of Amsterdam, Arena Bloemen offers fresh, ethically sourced flowers delivery to Netherlands and the Flemish part of Belgium. Read more about the launch on our blog here

Tamebay - 6th May 2008

Tamebay logo

Tamebay, who had previously interviewed Will (see below) clearly started reading our blog, Flowers...uncut.  They enjoyed one article that we wrote about search engine optimisation; so much so in fact that they said lots of nice things about Arena Flowers.

KillerStartups.com - May 2008
ArenaFlowers.com - Flowers And Fine Presents

Killer Startups Logo

Killer Startups, user driven internet startups community reviewed ArenaFlowers.com recently.  Read the Arena Flowers Website review.

Eco-Friendly Weddings - May 2008

Eco Friendly weddings made Arena Flowers a recommended supplier and also featured us on our own page on their green wedding directory.  See the Arena Flowers page here

London Aware 2008 - May 2008

Room for Change

Room for Change

Neo Creative, a Brighton based Communications Agency unveiled Room for Change, a virtual living room with eco-friendly products to inspire greener and sustainable lifestyles at the UK's biggest Green lifestyle event, London Aware 2008. The installations in the virtual living room included a range of ethically sourced Arena Flowers bouquets, along with other green living inspired products. Read more about the event here. Check out some great images from the event here.

Ethical Consumer - March/April 2008
Flower Power

Hanna Backman from the independent research organisation Ethical Consumer, while describing the consumer demand for ethically sourced flowers, lists Arena Flowers as the third best ethical company to buy sustainable flowers. Read the article here and here.

Retail Events - 01st May 2008
Retail Fraud 08

Will was invited to be the opening speaker for the Online Fraud track at the 2008 Retail Fraud show. In the early days of Arena, we learnt a lot about some clever online fraud (see the fraud category on our blog for more) and Will shared this experience with delegates. More details on the conference here.

Marie Claire - April 2008
Fabulous Flowers

Marie Claire Logo

Marie Claire, the hugely successful women's magazine, features our famous Gerbera Bouquet in their latest issue, focused on green living.  They emphasized our ethical acreditation from Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP). We are also featured on their website, where the buy of the day was an Arena Flowers bouquet!

The Week Magazine - April 2008
The Best...Flowers for delivery

The Week

Arena Flowers is reviewed in The Week's consumer section in an article entitled "The Best....flowers for delivery".  As subscribers to The Week of about 10 years, we were extremely happy to see Arena leading the article! Read it here.

Flowers & Plants Association - April 2008
More on our Members: Arena Flowers

Flower & Plants Assocation Logo

Flowers & Plants Association, the UK's promotional organisation for all commercially grown cut flowers and indoor plants, features news about our Ethical Accreditation and the award we won from HSBC Start Up Star Competition. Read the Arena Flowers news item here.

The Independent - April 2008
The 50 Best Florists

The Independent

We are ranked 16th among the 50 best florists to shop from by the Independent on their special edition on buying great products online. We would have loved to be on the top, but we haven't done badly to be ranked 16th considering we are only 18 months old. We'll get to the top soon!  Read the article here

The Small Business Blog - April 2008
Reader Stories - Arena Flowers

The Small Business Blog

The Small Business Blog, an informative blog with great resources for small businesses, published a story about Arena Flowers. Read the article about Arena Flowers here.

New Consumer - April 2008
The Changing Face of Weddings

Businesses often pay a fortune for advertising, particularly in the Print Media. But thanks to Fiona Hunter and the team at New Consumer - the UK's hottest ethical lifestyle magazine, we are featured in a full page advert for our Wedding Flowers range. Check out our advert here. If you haven't already subscribed to New Consumer, you can subscribe now by clicking here.

Landscape Juice, 12th March 2008

The folks over at Landscape Juice obvioulsy read their e-consultancy newsletter, as Sam's words reappeared soon after on their garden site.  See the Arena Flowers interview here.

e-consultancy.com, 11th March 2008

e-consultancy logo

Sam, our design and development guru, was interviewed by the excellent online marketing and ecommerce site, e-consultancy, about how we've built and evolved our site.  Read the about the early days of the Arena Flowers site here.

Pick Me Up - 6th March 2008
Mother's Day Magic

Katherine Davidson of Pick Me Up magazine picks Arena Flowers as one of the best places to shop for ethically sourced Mother's Day Flowers. View the listing here.

Metro - 27th February 2008

Metro Logo
Three of the best flowers & chocolates


Metro, the UK's first urban national newspaper, featured us as one among three of the best florists for ethically sourced roses and lilies. View our listing on Metro here.

Tamebay - 26th February 2008

Tamebay Logo

Tamebay, the excellent blog and community all about eBay and small to medium sized businesses, interviewed Will about his experiences in using Gumtree for recruitment and building a team.  Read about Arena Flowers' gumtreeness here

ComputerWeekly.com - 20th February 2008
Selling Web 2.0 Projects to Business

ComputerWeekly.com, a dedicated portal for IT professionals, treads Sam, our Design & Development Head's thoughts on Web 2.0 Marketing. Read the article here

Telegraph.co.uk - 13th February 2008
Is Valentine's Day Just a Big Bunch of Trouble?

Telegraph.co.uk emphasises the importance of buying ethically sourced flowers for Valentine's Day and lists Arena Flowers as one of the florists stocking ethical flowers all year round. Read the article here.

English Blog - 15th February 2008
Valentine Appeal

English Blog

Our Valentine Appeal with British Heart Foundation was popular with our customers and we managed to raise a substantial sum for a just cause. English Blog, a leading commentator on British Living highlights our Valentine Appeal. Read the post about Arena Flowers' Valentine's Fundraising here.

Focus Business Communications - February 2008
Web 2.0 and Beyond - Applying Social and Collaborative Tools to Business

Focus Business Communications

Following our success in Social Marketing Tools such as the Facebook Application Flowers & Fun (by Arena Flowers), Will Wynne, our Managing Director has been invited to share his thoughts on using social tools in a business context in the Web Marketing 2.0 conference organised by Focus Business Communications. For more details on the conference please visit FocusBiz. Listen to Will's Podcast here.

BusinessZone.co.uk - February 2008
Facebook up to IT: Making Money From Social Networks

Our Facebook Application Flowers & Fun (by Arena Flowers) is gaining popularity! BusinessZone.co.uk, a popular online forum of small businesses in the UK, highlights our success with the Facebook application. Read the article here.

HOLY MOLY - 14th February 2008
Mr. T gives his advice to men on Valentine's Day

'Mr. T' from HolyMoly.co.uk has some interesting tips for men on how to treat your lady for Valentine's Day. His tips include ordering flowers from us. Follow the tips here.

Mirror.co.uk - 12th February 2008
Win Valentine's flowers for your loved one

We ran a competition with Mirror.co.uk, where two lucky readers had an opportunity to win the luxurious Valentine's Supreme from our Valentine's day range. More about the competition here

TIMES ONLINE - 8th February 2008
32 Valentine's Gifts at any budget 

Bright & Cheery, our top selling arrangement of vivid gerberas and aziatic lilies in a fabulous hand-tie is listed as one of the 32 great Valentine's gifts at any budget by Times Online. Read the article here.

PRESS RELEASE - 11th February 2008
Video be my Valentine? - Connecting Lovers Through Flowers & Video

We are proud to announce the launch of video messaging services, which allows customers to send personalised video messages along with flower orders. More about flowers & video here.

PRP Connections - January 2008
Scent of Success

We recently won a Marketing grant from Park Royal Partnership for liverying our flower delivery vans. Read more about the grant here.

Press Release - 24th January 2008
Red? Go Green This Valentine's Day...Floristry For The 21st Century

We think there are lots of good reasons why people should buy their Valentine's Flowers from us.  Read the press release here.

Secretarial Blog - December 2007

Secretarial Blog

Arena Flowers has been invited as one of the guest contributors for Secretarial Blog, a blog formed by like minded individuals to advocate secretarial and PA staff.  Will, our MD will be actively contributing to the blog, writing about Arena Flowers set up in the coming days.

Kindo - 14th December 2007
Kindo Brings the Best of the Web to Families Around the World


Kindo, a new family site which helps in staying connected with the family by building next generation family trees has partnered with ArenaFlowers.com to offer fresh, high quality flowers to members of the Kindo community. Read press release here and see the page on the Kindo site featuring Arena Flowers here.

Natural Choices - 13th December 2007
Top 28 Ethical Companies to choose from for Christmas Gifts

Natural Choices

Natural Choices, a news site on Ethical and Eco Friendly living in the United Kingdom has listed 28 ethical companies to shop for Christmas, based on the The Good Shopping Guide. Read the article on Arena Flowers here.

PRESS RELEASE - 9th November 2007
ArenaFlowers.com Launches Business-Tailored Service: Arena For Business

Arena For Business

We are proud to announce the launch of our Arena For Business, our Corporate Accounts Programme. Arena for Business makes it easier for our Corporate and Business Customers to organise fresh flowers delivery for clients and colleagues, or to order arrangements for special events, parties and occasions. To learn more about our Arena For Business click here.

Catalogue | e-business - November 2007
Q & A with...Will Wynne of ArenaFlowers.com

Will's interview in the latest edition of Catalogue | e-business, a leading publication for offline and online cataloguers and multichannel retailers in the UK. Article here.

Urban Junkies - 1st November 2007
Give Me a Hit

Naomi Tarszisz, contributing writer at Urban Junkies has some great tips for lifting your moods with gorgeous flowers during those short wintry days. Read the article on Urban Junkies website here. If the link has been moved, don't worry, we have smartly captured the page as an image here.

Alperton Times - 26th October 2007
Floral Business is Smelling of Roses

Recently, a group of lively students from one of the local schools in Alperton visited us to learn the intricacies of managing an online florist business. It was covered in the local newspaper - Alperton Times. Read article here. Also, read about our experience with the students on our blog here.

MediaGuardian.co.uk - 24th September 2007
The Digital Persuaders


Guardian's special report on the growth of internet advertising highlights our Facebook success. Read the article here. The print edition featured a big picture of an enthusiastic Ruth from our Customer Service team exploring our Facebook Application - Flowers & Fun. Click here for the picture.

VVSB Football Team - September 2007
From Flowers to Football!

Our recent trip to the flowers headquarters of the world - Holland - turned out to be quite an experience. Apart from visiting Westland Auction, the largest flower auction in the world, we also discovered that one of our flower buyers is the Honorary Chairman of the local football team, VVSB. Taking this opportunity, we are proud to sponsor our Dutch Partners, VVSB. More about our Dutch trip on our blog here.  

ethicalcareers.org - September 2007
My Ethical Career: Ethical Florist
Ethical Careers Org

How do people get involved in a career with an ethical angle?  It's a good question and one that we even ask ourselves sometimes (how did we end up working happily at Flowers HQ?!).  Turns out we weren't the only ones who were thinking about the subject - ethicalcareers.org are specialists in this area and fired a bunch of questions at Will about how he ended up working for the UK's leading ethical florist.

Real Business - 31st August 2007
The Bloom Boom

Real Business Logo

Will was quizzed for one Real Business's "Daily Insights". In Real Business's words, "These Daily Insights bring you stories from entrepreneurs who are increasing their sales, improving their marketing and doing what it takes to build their business.".  We're doing our best but there's a lot more to do!  Read the article here.

The Ealing Times - 21st August 2007
Award Hope For Blooming Business

Ealing Times Logo

Alex at The Ealing Times found out that Arena is one of the 10 London winners of the HSBC start up stars awards.  We're based in Ealing so hooray for Ealing (and Acton!). Read his short piece here.

Practical Ecommerce - 20th August 2007
Usability Report Card: ArenaFlowers.com

Practical ecommerce is a very good ecommerce advice website that we read with interest. Imagine our suprise when we found ourselves reviewed on there.  We got a B+ with the biggest minus being our checkout.  Good news that Zach, our developer guru, has been hard at work on a brand new checkout for the last month. Anwyay, a very useful review, containing some excellent tips!  Read it here.

Fresh Business Thinking - 10th August 2007
Marketing Online: Arena Flowers Case Study

Freshbusinessthinking.com asked to feature Arena Flowers in their newsletter, and we were asked to be a case study for internet marketing in the modern age.  We're no experts, but we know the odd thing.  Read what we had to say about Arena Flowers here.

Press Release - 8th August 2007
Facebook fatigue? Friends rejecting you? The latest Facebook Application is the sweetest smelling

Read the press release here.

Marketingservicestalk - 2nd August 2007

Will was interviewd by the online marketing resource, Marketingservicestalk.com.  Read his interview about Arena Flowers here.

Park Royal Partnership - Summer 2007

The Sweet Smell of Success

Park Royal Partnership

"Work hard, trade fair, have fun - the business philosophy of the man who sells flowers to the masses." Will is interviewed in the latest issue of the Park Royal Partnership magazine.

Click here to read the full article

Florist Wholesale Buyer - July 2007
FFP - The friendly label for the retailer?

 Florist Wholesale Buyer Magazine Logo

Sam was interviewed in the most recent issue of the Florist Wholesale Buyer on the subject of ethically sourced flowers, plus Arena Flowers got a great write up from Florist's esteemed editor, Caroline Marshall-Foster.

Click here to read the full article.

Click here to read the editorial by Caroline Marshall-Foster, where she gave us a great write up, which was very nice of her!

Press Release - July 2007
ArenaFlowers.com - Green Fingers, Green Principles, Green Servers...

Read the press release here.

Press Release - 9th July 2007
ArenaFlowers.com - Functional, Feature-filled, Floral...Flowers 2.0!

Read the press release here.

HSBC Start up Stars - London Winner! - 4th July 2007


Arena Flowers is a London Winner of the HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards, the UK's premier business awards, supported by Sky News and the Daily Express, and backed by the government.  Not bad eh?  The judges like our take on a traditional market.  They like our innovative website and marketing.  They like our green credentials.  And crucially they love our flowers.

Greenfinder - 2nd July 2007

 Green Finder Logo

The good people at Greenfinder have listed us on their "Green gifts" page, citing our ethical credentials.  View the Arena Flowers recommendation here.

eBay Stores - July 2007
Arena Flowers Launches eBay Shop


Owing to the popularity of eBay among many of our customers, we have recently started listing our products on Arena Flowers eBay Stores. Read more about our launch of Arena Flowers Stores here.

Small Business Blog from Microsoft - 30th June 2007
Why Small Businesses Should Consider Blogging

Microsoft Small Business Blog

Matt Brady, from Microsoft Small Business, while offering tips to small businesses about the benefits of blogging, cites our rationale for starting a blog by featuring a part of our very first post. Read Matt's post here.

We are Listed!!
Ethical Company, 22nd June 2007, Updated 26 October 2007

We have just become the first florist to be accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation, the UK's only Corporate Level Ethical Company Accreditation Scheme, having scored highly in the overall analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility, including environment and people. We are also listed in The Good Shopping Guide, the world's best selling ethical shopping reference book and on www.gooshing.co.uk - the ethical shopping comparison site.  Hooray! Rush to your nearest newstand to grab the latest edition of The Good Shopping Guide.

Green Girls Global, 14th June 2007

Arena Flowers Guest Post

Adarsh was invited to write a guest post on the subject of ethical flowers on leading green blog "Green Girls Global".  You can read Adarsh's take on sustainable flowers and Arena Flowers' position here.

Ethical Junction, 13th June 2007

Ethical Junction Logo

Ethical Junction brings together businesses and consumers who share a commitment to ethical values and their directory gives easy access to products and services.  We are proud to say that from today, Arena Flowers is listed!

MyCustomer.com, 2nd June 2007

Will was one of the people interviewed by Rob Lewis, of MyCustomer.com, for an article on the ins and outs of social networking for businesses.  Read Rob's social networking article featuring Arena Flowers here, see Arena's blog here and the Arena Flowers tradespace page here.

Greenpeace, May 2007

Greenpeace UK

The good people at Greenpeace have added us to their list of ethical suppliers, which is fantastic!

ONEMANBLOGS, 30th May 2007


We asked Gordon over at Onemanblogs to review our service, as he's an impartial but also very web-savvy blogger.  He had some great feedback and some good tips for us to work on.  You can read Gordon's full Arena Flowers review here.

Get Ethical, May 2007

Getethical.com was conceived to promote and advance ethical consumerism and support social business and social enterprises in the UK.
They have added us to their list of ethical suppliers and we will soon be selling Arena's products on the site too.

Press Release, 30th May 2007

Arena Flowers' Online Sales Blossom and PayPal's Website Payments Pro Handles More and More Transactions
Read our press release here.
Click here to read Paypal's press release

Dan Wilson's Blog, 28th May 2008

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson wrote a short write up about our blog and it's early days.  Read the eBay expert's Arena Flowers review here.

New Media Age, March 22nd 2007 - Arena Gets Full Marks

New Media Age carried out a site review and, whilst for copyright reasons we can't publish the full review, we got 5 out of 5 and here's their "Bottom Line" conclusion:
'The internet is flooded with online flower delivery companies that are all much of a muchness. Arena stands out with its late delivery cut- off, especially as sending flowers is so often a last-minute wish. A useful online tracking facility, along with efficient email confirmations, helps make this site really stand out from its competitors.'


Econiche, March 2007
Econiche Magazine

Econiche is a magazine dedicated to environmental issues and solutions. The March edition includes an article on Arena Flowers as well as a focus on our FFP flowers for Mother's Day gift ideas.

Click here to read the article

The Argus, 3rd March 2007

Product of the week
The Argus presents the case for buying FFP flowers from Arena Flowers.

Click here to read the article

Mail on Sunday, 26th February 2007

Why being small, independent and having a close eye on the ethics of sourcing and provenance is good for everyone; the growers, the environment, our business and, most importantly, the customer.
Click here to read the article

BBC1 London News, 14th February 2007

The clip below is from BBC London News and was filmed on Valentine's Day, February 14th 2007...at 5am :(  The clip features Will discussing Arena being the first UK florist to sell Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) accredited flowers and wondering when he can go back to bed. NB The video clip is hosted with YouTube and may take a short while to download.

\ \

Press Release, 12th February 2007

Valentine's Day set for arguments as 90% of men are unaware that the flowers they give carry a hidden meaning.

Read the press release here.

The Evening Standard, 12th February 2007

The Eveing Standard

"One thing you really should know." Where to buy Green flowers: ArenaFlowers.com.  They're not wrong and we're proud of it.

Click here to read the article

The London Paper, 7th February 2007

The london Paper

Jackie discusses the type of flowers one should send on Valentine's Day to avoid getting into trouble with your partner - useful advice!

Click here to read the article

TNT Magazine, 5th February 2007

TNT's guide to gifts for Valentine's Day. 

Click here to read the article.

Press Release, 30th November 2006

New international Fair Flowers Fair Plants organisation secures first UK retailing member, ArenaFlowers.com

Read the press release here.

If you have a press enquiry, please email us at press(at)arenaflowers.com.  Thank you!





























Customer Feedback

  • Saturday 5 July 2014
    Thank you so much for the beautiful orchid plant sent to D & D. They looked lovely, blossoming brightly. I would not hesitate to use Arena Flowers again or indeed to recommend your efficient, helpful and polite services. Sincere thanks from Mary S
  • Wednesday 2 July 2014
    This arrangements was delivered in good time on 1 July and received with great pleasure by Jenny. The flowers were in very good condition and stunning! Many thanks. David
  • Tuesday 1 July 2014
    By pure coincidence I received your summer promotion email about an hour after hearing that my daughter had passed her degree with first class honours. Your beautiful flowers are perfect for a celebration. Dianne R


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