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Welcome our "video" page. Strange page for a florist, right?! Indeed. Either way, we hope you enjoy the videos. We've enjoyed making them and we think they're awesome; some are funny, some are just plain interesting; they are all part of the Arena Flowers story. Enjoy and please share and / or give us feedback. We'd appreciate it.

Playlist - Behind The Scenes

Wednesday 14th March

Do you want to know what makes an Arena Flowers bouquet so special? Here is our secret!  Watch "Fancy Footwork" and discover our florist Tim with his everyday enthusiastic routine fine-tuned to make your flowers perfect. We put our emotions into our work and your Arena Flowers bouquet will be made with love for your loved ones.

Fancy Footwork
WATCH: Fancy Footwork

Thursday 15th March

Our "Dancing Flowers" video shows you just how much fun flowers can be. Flowers are still the most popular Mother’s Day gift and we choose our flowers with great care.We know how to make a bouquet an unforgettable experience - although we cannot guarantee the sunglasses!

Dancing Flowers
WATCH: Dancing Flowers

Friday 16th March

What does Mother's Day mean to YOU? For "Mother's Day - In Their Own Words" we went out on the streets with our camera team to ask you what you are going to get your mum on this very special day. Every mum is different and so are the responses, but one thing is very clear: "Mums LOVE flowers!" The question is which flowers are her favourites? With Arena Flowers you'll be spoilt for choice! Discover why it takes a lot to become a flower in an Arena Flowers bouquet, watching "Amazing Red Roses Farm In The Netherlands." We make absolutely certain that only the best ones make it into our beautiful arrangements. How does this work? Have a look at our new video which gives you a glimpse into one of our supplier’s greenhouses and a brief insight into how our luxury “Red Naomi” roses are selected.

Mother's Day - In Their Own Words
WATCH: Mother's Day - In Their Own Words

Amazing Red Roses Farm In The Netherlands
WATCH: Amazing Red Roses Farm In The Netherlands

Monday 6th February

For Monday we have an edgy little film for you in the form of "Dubstep Flowers". Anyone who likes elecktro music and skateboards is sure to like it...actually, this clip is bonkers and anyone should enjoy the pure fun. Our other offering for the day comes in the form of an energetic video giving you a whisteltop tour of Flowers HQ in "An Experience Delivered" - Sam sure loves that eucalyptus. Enjoy!

Dubstep Flowers Video
WATCH: Dubstep Flowers

A Whistestop Tour Of
WATCH: A Whistlestop Tour Of

Tuesday 7th February

Tuesday is the day where we show you some of the pitfalls of doing Valentine's Day wrong, with beautiful short film (and stars) in "The Gift". To accompany it we go behind the scenes with our team in Holland in "The Auction" and lift curtain on the flower auctions. Many flower companies claim to be members of the auction; we actually are. No one  gets better deals and better quality than us and we're not ashamed to say it.

The Gift
WATCH: The Gift - The Perils of Valentine's Day
The Auction
WATCH: The Auction

Wednesday 8th February

"Kung Fu Flowers". Yeah, listen, flowers, kung fu...we can't explain it either. Just watch it, okay? It's nuts. Let us know if you enjoy it. Thanks!

Kung Fu Flowers
WATCH: Kung Fu Flowers

Thursday 9th February

Enough from us. What do YOU think about Valentine's Day? We did a runabout with a camera and asked a number of you in "Valentine's Day - In Your Own Words". Amusing clip (but, for the record, the lady who says not to send red roses is WRONG, alright?!). Moving on, "Rose to Nose" gives you a quick rundown of how we manage to get luxury Dutch roses from the fields into your recipient's hands so quickly and so unbeatably fresh.

Valentine's Day - In Their Own Words
WATCH: Valentine's Day - In Their Own Words
Rose To Nose
WATCH: Rose To Nose

Friday 10th February

We have a bit of magic with this video ("He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not!") as we wonder what happens when someone does love you but the flower says they don't. To find out the answer you'll have to watch the video. Alongside "He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not!" is a mini doc about our visit to one of the most sophisiticated rose growers in the world. Yes. In. The. World.

He Loves... He Loves Me Not
WATCH: He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not!

Saturday 11th February

Our last video for you (well, until Mother's Day) is a little romantic vignette that we hope you like.

The Language Of Flowers
WATCH: The Language Of Flowers (long version)
The Language Of Flowers TV ad
WATCH: The Language Of Flowers (TV version)

Thanks for watching our videos. We hope you enjoyed them. They're a bit of fun. But what we really care about is our flowers and our customers.

Thanks for reading this far!

The Arena Flowers Team

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Customer Feedback

  • Monday 17 November 2014
    My mum was delighted with her flowers sent today on her 85th birthday. Once again you have rescued me when I have been many thousands of miles from home and have had to put my trust in you to deliver a bouquet that will make her day. She was raving about the size and beauty of the White roses in particular. June B
  • Tuesday November 11 2014
    The feedback I get from all the people I send your flowers to is so fantastic, I wouldn’t use any other company. Julie B
  • Tuesday 4 November 2014
    Hi I don't buy flowers very often but the past few times I have done I have used Arena Flowers. I find the website easy to use, the range available very good, prices are very competitive and the quality excellent. I have had flowers delivered today for my sisters 70th birthday and she loves them. Thank you for helping to make her day special Regards Pat S


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