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There is so much to organise when planning your wedding, isn't there? Here at Arena Weddings we will take the stress out of your big day by giving you one less thing to worry about! Simply browse our wedding flowers 'shopping list' below to help you decide what flowers for your wedding you require, tell us what you would like us to create for you, and we'll do the rest! It's that easy...

Bridal Flowers 

When planning your flowers, the bridal bouquet is the most important. Get this right and the rest of your flowers will be a breeze! For tips on choosing the perfect wedding flowers for you, see our wedding flowers tips page.

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Formal Bridal Bouquet / Round Shaped Bridal Bouquet : A perfectly compact round design dating back to the 13th century, using either one variety or a mix of tightly packed flowers. This is a popular choice for brides who want to create the style of a traditional wedding day. From £70
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Shower Bridal Bouquet / Cascade Bridal Bouquet :
This waterfall-like spill of flowers arranged to cascade from the brides hands is a classic traditional style bouquet. Flowers with longer stems, such as calla lilies, create the lower part of the bouquet creating a beautiful cascade effect. From £100
Click to enlarge! Beidermeier Bridal Bouquet : An intricate variation on the formal bridal bouquet, the shape of the beidermeier is also round. Flowers of the same type and colour are arranged in a circular pattern with each 'ring' representing an identical flower such as red roses, white roses etc. From £70 Click to enlarge!
Teardrop Bridal Bouquet : Not dissimilar to the shower/cascade bridal bouquet, the teardrop bouquet is a more robust arrangement of flowers with a rounded top and pointed at the bottom, often backed with large foliage such as aspidistra leaves. From £100
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Informal Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet : Increasing in popularity, informal hand-ties are a favourite choice for modern weddings. The arrangement is tied by hand to give a more naturalistic look, and is particularly suitable for seasonal flowers and foliage. From £70
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Arm Bridal Bouquet / Presentation Bridal Bouquet / Pageant Bridal Bouquet :
Flowers suitable for this bridal bouquet type often have long stems, like calla lilies, orchids and also long-stemmed roses which are tied together in a natural state for cradling in the arm. From £70
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Bridal Nosegay / Wired Bridal Posy : Round in shape like the formal  bridal bouquet but less flowers and often more greenery. The flowers for the bridal nosegay or posy is usually round in shape (eg. roses, gerberas etc) and equal in size and often equal in colour. From £70
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Bridal Pomander : A ball-shaped arrangement of flowers which can be carried by a ribbon attached to it. Decorative ribbons, pearls or beads may be added to reflect your personality and taste. From £90
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Freestyle Bridal Bouquet / Freeform Bridal Bouquet : No specific or defined shape so probably the most naturalistic bridal bouquet available. Usually consisting of much more foliage than a formal bridal bouquet and often includes tropical flowers. From £70
Other bridal wedding flowers to consider : Ask us about corsages (for lapel, wrist or handbag), hair flowers, throw/memento bridal bouquets. 

Bridesmaid Flowers / Children's Flowers

The wedding flowers for the bridesmaid(s) will usually reflect those of the bride with posies, hair flowers or flower baskets. Pageboys don't have to miss out on the fun of wedding flowers, consider mini corsage arrangements of smaller flowers or simple buttonholes for very young pageboys.

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Bridesmaid Bouquet / Posy : The perfect option if you are looking at having your bridesmaids carrying a compact version of the bridal bouquet. Mix or match flowers and foliage for your bridesmaid bouquets or even add detail such as different coloured beading to represent their personalities. From £45
Click to enlarge! Wrist Corsages : Children can easily become bored at traditional wedding ceremonies and sometimes the last thing the last thing a younger bridesmaid will want to do is carry a bouquet all day. Wrist corsages make a simple solution to dog-eared children's flowers by the time the photographs are taken! From £12.50
Click to enlarge! Informal Bridesmaid Bouquet : Often designed to contrast in colour or style, an informal bridesmaid bouquet is usually a less complicated version of the bridal bouquet. You can also try experimenting with different colours or styles into the wedding flowers scheme. From £45 Click to enlarge! Mini Corsage / Boutonniere : A fancier version of a buttonhole, the boutonniere is arranged from small bunch of flowers from of the bridal bouquet. This may be of similar style to a larger/full size corsage worn by the groom or male members of the immediate family. £12.50 each
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Flower Wands : Because standard bridesmaid flowers can be quite cumbersome for smaller children and toddlers to carry all day, a flower wand is a simple, lightweight solution by using a single flower stem, decorated to match or compliment the wedding flower theme. From £15

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Buttonholes : Simpler, less fancy, buttonholes may be more suitable for very young page boys or children of the wedding party. These can be fitted with magnets instead of pins to attach to clothing, preventing little pricked fingers! £7.50 each
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Wedding Hair Flowers : Flowers may be individually clipped into the hair or there are two formal types of floral head dresses more popular with small bridesmaids: a circlet that that goes all around and sits on the crown, or an Alice band where flowers are wired into a frame. From £3.50
Other wedding flowers to consider for the bridesmaids : Ask us about flower baskets and flower hoops. 


 The Groom's Flowers 

The groom's flowers are traditionally created using a flower type taken from those in the bridal bouquet to represent sharing. This can be in the form of a buttonhole or corsage is placed on the left lapel of the groom’s jacket

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Deluxe Buttonholes : These are the number one choice for the groom on your special day and are Arena Flowers' 'full monty' of buttonhole design. The groom's buttonhole is traditionally created using flowers from the bridal bouquet, can be wired and stem wrapped with the foliage of your choice with or without decoration. From £7.50
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Lapel Corsage : A larger, more showy alternative to a buttonhole and again made from flowers of the bride's wedding bouquet. Pinned to the groom's left lapel as with a buttonhole, this can be coordinated with a corsage as worn by the mother and grandmother(s) of the bride. £12.50 each
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Single Stem Buttonholes : Choose from roses, calla lilies or any prominent flower from the bridal bouquet for a stylish, budget-conscious alternative to the deluxe option, yet just as impactful. Also suitable for the groom's best man and/or ushers. £7.50 each
Other wedding flowers to consider for the groom : Ask us about bespoke wedding flowers especially designed for the groom. 

Flowers for Wedding Guests 

Buttonholes link the theme of your chosen wedding flowers with your wedding guests and are particularly versatile based on your budget. Corsages are generally reserved for the important female guests such as mothers, grandmothers etc, deluxe may be suited to the fathers, grandfathers and other important guests, and single stems could be the option for the remainder of your wedding guests.

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Deluxe  Buttonholes : Incorporate a range of smaller pretty flowers from the theme of the bridal bouquet for boutonnieres or simply add your choice of foliage and decorations for more complex buttonholes for your wedding guests to wear. Can be fitted with magnets as an alternative to pins to protect delicate clothing. From £7.50
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Lapel Corsage : Traditionally reserved for your important female guests such as bride and groom's mothers, grandmothers and immediate family, corsages can also be pinned to the lapel as with a buttonhole or alternatively worn on the wrist or attached to a handbag or purse. £12.50 each
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Single Stem Buttonholes : A simple, classic solution for your wedding guests and, with their refreshing fragrance, never fail to impress. Experiement with simple foliage and tasteful additional decoration such as pearl pins or beaded steel grass. A firm favourite with our brides, it is easy to tell why. Nice! £7.50 each
Other wedding flowers to consider for your guests : Ask us about handbag sprays and corsages, hat decorations, presentation bouquets and rose petal confetti. 

Wedding Ceremony Flowers  

Wedding ceremony flowers will enhance the beauty of the venue, whether a pretty parish church or a more contemporary venue. From pew ends to displays and arrangements, here are some fabulous wedding flower ideas to decorate your chosen place of marriage. If you are having a civil ceremony do remember to check with the registrar whether providing your own flowers is permitted.

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Pew Ends : As their name suggests, these flower arrangements are primarily for church weddings. They can, of course, be transfered to the wedding reception venue to be reused as chairbacks or buffet table decorations. From £35
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Pedestal Flower Arrangements : If you are looking for big showy floral displays for your wedding ceremony, can create amazing show-stopping flower arrangements to reflect the style and personalities of the bride and groom. From £90
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Window Arrangements : Suitable for most types of wedding venue, window flowers are arranged to be front-facing so that you benefit most from the flowers on display. Again, these can be reused for the wedding reception venue where flowers can be placed against walls or windows. From £35
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Floral Chair Backs : Similar to pew ends, these chair back arrangements will brighten any civil ceremony venue or wedding reception venue. Ask us about adding decorations such as ribbons, bows and beads to the flowers of your chair backs. From £20
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Registrar Table Display Arrangements : Free standing arrangements for easy transportation are particularly suited to civil ceremonies where you may not have the benefit of setting-up time to decorate your wedding venue. From £45
Other wedding flowers to consider for your ceremony : Ask us about archway or lychgate flower decorations, column decorations, tree and shrub hire. 

Wedding Reception Flowers

Reception venue wedding flowers will create a special atmosphere and compliment the stunning effect that the bridal flowers will convey on the day. From amazing flower displays to simple glass bowl centrepieces, trust to decorate your wedding reception venue.

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Head Table / Top Table Flower Arrangements : Horizontal or triangular flower arrangements are favoured for the top table of the wedding reception as these are longer, narrow and lower for maximum effect without obscuring the view of the guests but leaving room for dining. From £80
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Vased Flower Displays : These can be utilised for wedding ceremony centrepieces, wedding reception table decoration, and an array of wedding flower decor needs - perfect for any wedding flowers budget. We will source the ideal vases for your wedding flower arrangements on a cost-effective rental basis. From £65 - vase hire available on spec.
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Guest Table Centrepiece Flower Arrangements : These arrangements are those situated at the centre of the guest dining tables. Choose from an array of design styles including cubes, vases, bouquets and increasingly popular glass bowl flower arrangements. From £40
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Wedding Cake Flower Decorations : Floral cake decorations such as cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular for wedding cake decoration, so it is important to choose the finest stems to compliment your wedding cake design, whether it be a traditional tiered wedding cake or contemporary cake design. From £30
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Buffet Table Display Arrangements : Floral arrangements will add an extra touch of colour and beauty to your buffet food display and will act as an attractive backdrop to your cake cutting for wedding photography. From £90
Other wedding flowers to consider for your reception : Ask us about buffet & cake table garlands, tree and shrub hire. 

Customer Feedback

  • Monday 19 January 2015
    Perfection thank you. From the simplicity of ordering the flowers on your web site, to your feed back and the actual delivery. I congratulate you one hundred percent, much appreciated. James
  • Thursday 15 January 2015
    The sympathy flowers and card arrived as described and were of a very high standard. The Website was easy to use. I would use Arena again and would recommend to others. Thank you Mary
  • Wednesday 14 January 2015
    Just to say a big thank you for your continued excellent service. My daughter was very pleased to receive the flowers and she sent a picture of them to us and they did look lovely. Thank you again. Regards John and Mon


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