Our Top Picks of Flowers For Easter and What They Really Mean

Arena Flowers' Top Picks of Flowers This Easter and What they really mean...

Easter today is more commonly associated with cute, fluffy bunny rabbits and giant, hollow, chocolate eggs, but it’s also another time of year where flowers play an important role. It’s not unusual to see churches up and down the country and also around the world, decorated with strategically placed flowers, with white lillies being a popular choice. With the annual celebration of Easter falling in Spring, we are spoilt for choice n terms of variety of blooms and an array of colours. But did you know that flowers are far more than just a pretty face? Certain flowers are often seen as symbolic and have a meaning which dates far back into history and ancient Christianity which is why they are so popular during Easter time.

We have selected our top bouquets picks for you this Easter, a variety of different blooms and hues, and to ensure you select the right bouquet for the right occasion (or person), we’ve included a little bit about what they signify at Easter time. Of course, these meanings and symbols stem from ancient history and old cultural and religious traditions. The meaning of flowers today is really more about the intention behind it and as for colour and type, that’s just down to personal preference. Click on the flowers below to find out more about it’s symbolic meaning.

White Lily Bouquet-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers
British Mixed Tulips-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers
Easter Gift Set with Daffodils, Tulips, Rose & Ranunculus-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers




Indigo Bouquet with Rose, Hyacinth, Iris, Ageratum & Tulip-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers
Mulberry Bouquet with Rose, Crysanthmums, Gerberas & Calla Lillies- Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers
White Fairtrade Rose-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers



White & Yellow


White Lily Bouquet-Easter Flowers by Arena FlowersWhite Lillies are the symbolic bloom of Easter. It represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is why more often that not, they can be found gracing the altars and crosses in churches during the Easter period in commemoration. As well as being regarded as a symbol of life, it is also considered to be a symbol of purity, with historical references to the Virgin Mary, and of both joy and hope. Our bouquet of White Lillies is the perfect gesture at Easter as well as a great choice all year round, whatever the occasion. It’s a great way to add a touch of elegance to a room.


British Mixed Tulips-Easter Flowers by Arena FlowersTulips are said to symbolise love, representing the love that Jesus had for the people and for the world. Being one of the most popular blooms in Spring, it is also said to represent rebirth. Tulips come in an aray of colours and each colour will bring it’s own meaning. Red tulips represent passionate love, purple with royalty and yellow signifying hope and happiness. Our Mixed British Tulips come in an assortment of warm, spring shades and will add a touch of warmth to any room.


Easter Gift Set with Daffodils, Tulips, Rose & Ranunculus-Easter Flowers by Arena FlowersIn the UK, Daffodils are an indicator that Spring has finally sprung. As one of the most common wildflowers in the English countryside, their sheath like leaves cut through the grass as a welcome sight, but it’s their trumpet like head that commands attention. Daffodils are also known as ‘Lent Lillies’ as they bloom in Spring but drop just before Easter. Our yellow hued Easter Gift Set is made up of British Daffodils, Ranunculous, Roses and Tulips, carefully hand-tied along with complimentary Eucalyptus Parvifolia greenery and will add a touch of sunshine to a cloudy day. Of course, being an Easter gift set, it wouldn’t be complete without chocolates and with this bright, sunny bouquet, we’ve included a Prestat Red Velvet Truffles Egg.


Indigo Bouquet with Rose, Hyacinth, Iris, Ageratum & Tulip-Easter Flowers by Arena FlowersHyacinths are renowned for their heady scent and perhaps more known for its association with an ancient greek mythology, a story of love, jealously and sorrow.

Again, another bloom that denotes several meanings depending on the hue. Purple represents sorrow and forgiveness, yellow for jealousy and blue for constancy. Our Indigo bouquet showcases blue Hyacinths along with Roses, Irises, Ageratum and Tulips, all beautifully hand-tied with Eucalyptus cinerea greenery.



Mulberry Bouquet with Rose, Crysanthmums, Gerberas & Calla Lillies- Easter Flowers by Arena Flowers

Chrysanthemums are considered the flowers of happiness and a great choice if gifting to a friend. However, you may want to choose the shade carefully. White Chrysanthemums represent truth and purity, and therefore an all round good egg.  Yellow, however, implies slighted love and perhaps not an appropriate pick for most occasions. In general however, they are a safe bet and gifting them to your close friends and loved ones will show that you consider your relationship to be precious. Our Mulberry bouquet combines purple Chrysanthemums with Gerberas, Roses and Calla Lillies and would make a wonderful gift this Easter.


White & Yellow

White and yellow are seen as the more traditional White Fairtrade Rose-Easter Flowers by Arena Flowerscolours of flowers when it comes to Easter. Representing early signs of life and rebirth, they are reminiscent to freshly hatched eggs and new born chicks. As mentioned, white Lillies are considered the traditional Easter flower and white represents positive traits such as purity and truth. Our beautiful bouquet of 24 Fairtrade White Roses are a great choice for Easter. Not only will it make a touching gift to a loved one or a friend but also add an instant touch of class to any room. Ivory Bouquet with Oriental and Call Lillies, Lisianthus and Roses-Easter Flowers by Arena FlowersAlso, being Fairtrade,  the price you pay for them means that farmers and workers are guaranteed and fair, minimum price but also a premium that goes towards supporting them through investing in projects that make a huge difference in their lives and for their future. If you want a mix of both white and yellow shades, our Ivory bouquet combines stunning white Oriental Lillies with vibrant yellow Calla Lillies, as well as a white Lisianthus and Roses in vanilla and white. It’s finished off with a scattering of Eucalyptus cinera greenery, all beautifully hand-tied by our skilled florists.


Whether it’s a traditional and classic bouquet of elegant white Lillies or something a bit more bold and vibrant like our Indigo bouquet, which teams symbolic Hyacinths with pretty pink Roses and purple Tulips, flowers are a great gift to give and receive at Easter or any occasion for that matter, or simply to be enjoyed in your own home.

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