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Corporate strategy, business functions and marketing – it’s easy to make a mistake when you’re starting your own business in the floristry industry – or any industry in these shaky economic times. Here we tell it how it is with a SME business start up like ours…

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Top 5 The World’s Deadliest Flowers As we know here are Arena Flowers, blooms are often given as part of emotional gestures between humans. However, some blooms have a darker side. Many may be fooled by their aesthetically pleasing exterior and enchanting fragrance, yet their innocuous charm can hide a

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Will has been busy as a regular contributor to econsultancy’s blog as well as others, so we thought we’d share some of his posts here too. Having a growing online business can be filled with thousands of individual decisions, each of which in sum can lead to the shape of

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A few weeks back, around the time of the World Cup, we (Flower HQ’s three marketing execs) thought we would have a shot at creating a fun short video, in the hope that it might get a few views on YouTube and drive some brand awareness.  That was the idea

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Yesterday was a busy day for anti-fraud newsflow plus some good old fashioned web fear mongering.  Don’t get me wrong – web fraud happens and needs to be combated but there is often something shrill and hysterical about the reporting of online fraud, especially in the UK.  “Everyone PANIC!” would

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Question: What should you expect from a blog post on a flowers blog on a flowers website? Answer: A post about blog libel, of course! Why?!: Arena started blogging about a year ago (to understand why we blog, please see this post). One of the great things about blogging is

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