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Friends of O.S.C.A.R is a small, national parent led charity, that supports children diagnosed with brain and/or spinal tumours and their families. The charity was set up in November 2005 and is currently based in Didcot Oxfordshire. Friends of O.S.C.A.R evolved from an Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust charity called O.S.C.A.R which was set up by health professionals in 1995 to support children diagnosed with either brain or spinal tumours who were treated at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and their families. O.S.C.A.R is not able to support families treated outside of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust, so it was felt that an additional charity should be set up that could offer the same level of support to other families across the country. As yet Oxford is the only active group we have and we provide a number of activities each year for families. As part of our constitution Friends of O.S.C.A.R will help to support anyone to set up a Friends of O.S.C.A.R group in their own areas around the country.

Friends of O.S.C.A.R currently supports around one hundred families and each year we organise a trip to the pantomime, fun days and a biannual Sharing Information Day for families and supporters to attend. Friends of O.S.C.A.R has a small financial fund that it can use to help families in times of financial need. In the past we have helped families with travelling expenses for hospital treatment, the air fare for a terminally ill child enabling her to see her family in Jamaica and we also make a £200.00 donation to each family that needs to go abroad for Proton Therapy Treatment. Our most recent donations include helping to finance a special camera to help a child who has severe memory problems. The camera is used not just for fun events but to help him remember things in day to day life. Friends of O.S.C.A.R has also funded a special day out for a young lady who has been in hospital for a number of weeks. Friends of O.S.C.A.R provided £100.00 so that the young lady and her mother were able to go into Oxford have a day’s shopping which included a hand massage and personal shopper, as well as lunch. Friends of O.S.C.A.R can also provide written information to families and help with sourcing wigs, holidays and holiday insurance.

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