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Flowers always make a great gift, for every occasion. Whether it’s to say ‘thank you’ or to celebrate a birthday, receiving a bouquet brings happiness and colour into the home. Chrysanthemums are not only beautiful in their own right, in a wide range of colours and shades, but they are also one of the most affordable varieties of cut flower. ArenaFlowers deliver bouquets across the country with standard delivery included in purchases, using flowers transported directly from where they are grown in Holland. This short travel time means the bouquets have the longest possible lifespan and maximum freshness.

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More About Our Chrysanthemums

The double flower heads of the chrysanthemum come in a number of shapes, with varieties known as spoons, spiders, buttons and of course the standard blooms. These are carefully grown by expert producers, who focus all of the plant’s growth energy onto the single stem and bud. As a result, flower heads are much larger and perfect for display in arrangements. Petals can curl and twist upwards, or open widely and showcase tipped edge colours.

White chrysanthemums are especially popular at Christmas, a tradition that comes from Germany. Elsewhere, chrysanthemums are the favourite flower of imperial Japan, where there is also a national festival celebrating the flower. Here, they are a symbol of the sun, as reflected by its shape. Japanese ancient philosophy considered that the way the petals unfolded from their centre was perfect, with Confucius claiming they were perfect tools for meditation. They have a rich history of symbolism. A red chrysanthemum bouquet traditionally acknowledged love, whilst yellow chrysanthemums might have symbolised a slighted love or one trying to make amends. More generally speaking, chrysanthemum flowers are all held to be a sign of friendship and affection. They are the birth flower for the month of November, making them perfect for birthdays and events at this time of year, and they are also the anniversary flower for the 13th year of marriage. It’s also suggested that a petal of the chrysanthemum placed into a wine glass will then go on to encourage long and healthy lives, perfect for a wedding celebration!

No matter the occasion, chrysanthemums can say it all.