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When celebrating a happy occasion or a solid friendship, there’s no flower more significant than the sunflower. Sunflowers are truly the happiest of flowers, with yellow being the representative colour of joy. Sunflowers are named as such for their big, bold shape and their vibrant colour.

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More About Our Sunflowers

Sunflower’s are so radiant that their choice as a gift normally signifies warmth towards the receiver – making them an excellent choice if you’re looking to make someone feel extra special. Nothing lifts the spirits quite as much as the bright, cheery glow of a fantastically grown, fresh sunflower. 

Not only does the sunflower hold sentimental significance to many, it’s also a culturally significant flower that tells a thousand stories. From the portrayal in one of the most famous paintings in the world by Van Gogh, to the dependence on the seeds and oil as a food source for centuries, when you give sunflowers as a gift, you are showing someone how important they are to you. 

In the past, the sunflower represented Clytie in ancient Greek mythology. Clytie was a water nymph who turned into a sunflower when mourning the loss of Apollo: her love. In losing Apollo, Clytie turned to the sun to constantly seek a sign of her lover’s return. This cements sunflowers as a symbol of eternal love.

With a flower so beautiful that says so much, you’ll want this symbol of true friendship to last as long as possible. The heavy head on a sunflower can make it prone to wilting, so follow these simple tips to make sure that you extend the life of cut sunflowers as much as possible. With a bit of care, they should still look fabulous for 5-12 days. 

• As sunflowers can suffer a drooping stem, they will benefit from a tall vase with lots of water to give them extra support.

• Remove any leaves from the sunflowers that will touch the water as this will prevent them from moulding. 

• Re-cut the stems of your sunflowers at an angle every few days and replace the water in the vase to keep your sunflowers fresh.

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