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This bouquet is bursting with all the energy and warmth of a summer evening with friends. Packed with berry coloured Sweet William, vibrant yellow Sunflowers, lime Lisianthus and greenbell foliage, this arrangement will send an abundance of good vibes to the lucky recipient.

Please note the vase is not included. 

Lengthen the Life of Your Bouquet

All the flowers in our bouquets have been carefully grown, selected and then arranged by our expert florists to create our wonderful bouquets. Take these simple steps to keep the flowers in the best possible condition:

  1. Place the bouquet over a sink, remove all the packaging and then rinse the stems under running water.
  2. Do not remove the string or elastic from a hand-tied bouquet as it is holding the flowers as they were arranged by the skilled florists at Flowers HQ.
  3. If it is a gift-wrap bouquet then remove the string or elastic in order to be able to arrange the flowers as desired.
  4. Lay the bouquet on its side on a cutting board and remove about 2 cm from each stem, at an angle of 45 degrees, using a sharp knife or scissors. Please take care with sharp implements.
  5. Fill the vase with fresh, lukewarm water and add the flower food provided.
  6. Remove any leaves from the bouquet that will be below the water level in the vase.
  7. Place the vase and flowers in a cool place away from direct heat, sunlight, draughts and any fresh fruit.
  8. Keep the water topped up regularly and replace the water if it becomes at all cloudy.
  9. Retrim the stems, as above, each time you change the water and remove any fading blooms.
  10. Enjoy your flowers!

By from Holywell on (2 months ago)


I can't see a way of improving. I especially like the text to say the flowers have been delivered. Within minutes I recieved a call from the intended recipient to thank me for the flowers

By on (9 months ago)


what I can say is I will certainly use your service again as it was perfect for what I needed at the time and you did what you promised Thanks again, Regards, Andrew B

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