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There are so many occasions for sending flowers in India, and giving a gift of flowers for a birthday or wedding anniversary and even presenting the host with a small bouquet at a dinner party will stand you in good favour. However, you have to be careful with the flowers you select and we can assist you with your choice so that you get it right.  

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For example, frangipani or any flowers that are white in colour are only suitable for funerals – a point worth remembering. Red and yellow flowers are particularly popular so it’s safe to say that daffodils, day lilies, some pansies and yellow or red roses will be very much appreciated.

In India the giving of gifts is part of the culture and never has the expression “say it with flowers” been more pertinent than it is in this part of the world. Flowers are given to demonstrate affection or to display friendship, as a method of strengthening a relationship, and any gift is considered by most Indians to help you transcend to your next life. So you not only please the recipient but by giving the flowers help yourself in the next life! We have considerable experience in flower delivery to India, so if in doubt please do contact us

Flower events in India

Located in the Himalayas, Sikkim holds the most spectacular flower festival every year between March and May. Sikkim is a very small state in the North of India but thousands of people converge there to admire the exotic flowers including more than 600 varieties of orchid, diverse species of gladioli and magnolia, over 40 types of rhododendron among many other beautiful flowers and plants. During the festival many lectures and seminars take place conducted by expert botanists, so if you love all things floral Sikkim is definitely a place to visit.

If you don’t want to travel so far out and would like all the facilities of a big and bustling city, the Garden Tourism Festival in Delhi is a must see. The 5 Senses Garden is a colourful and fragrant place during this festival, which is held in February with stunning displays of cultivated flower beds and exotic flowers.

On your return from visiting the Indian flower festivals you can keep your memories alive by having us deliver some of those exotic blooms to friends and relatives who are celebrating special occasions. Or you may want to have some of these flowers delivered to your home or office to keep a touch of India around you for a little longer.

If you have visited the flower festivals in India you will also learn what types of flowers Indian friends like, so on your return to the UK you could have some special flowers delivered to impress them with your new found floral knowledge. We can deliver flowers in India to any location you choose.

Gardens and flower areas of interest in India

It’s not only the flower festival sites where beautiful flowers and gardens can be found in India. High up in the Himalayan mountains there is a World Heritage Site known as the Valley of Flowers. Discovered in 1931 by botanist Frank Smith it became a national park in 1982. This is an astonishing place that is covered in snow during the winter but bursts into colourful bloom when the snow melts in the summer. There are literally hundreds of species of flowers to be found there including rare varieties such as Blue Poppies, Cobra Lilies and Brahmakamal. Frank Smith wrote a book about the location entitled “The Valley of Flowers” and to this day locals believe that fairies live there. If you are keen on mountaineering and like a challenge, setting out to find this most magnificent of floral locations will satisfy anyone’s sense of adventure.

Located in the centre of Bangalore is the Lalbagh Garden which attracts botanists, tourists and flower lovers from all over the world. A botanical garden, around one thousand species of flowers and plants are recorded there. Originally called “The Rose Garden” because of the many varieties of roses blooming there, and sometimes referred to as “Cypress Garden” due to cypress trees lining the boundaries, the gardens were initially created during the 18th century by Mughal Emperor Hyder Ali. The Lalbagh Garden spans over 200 acres and arguably boasts the greatest collection of exotic, rare plants in India. “Lal” translates to red in Hindi and “bagh” to garden (more particularly a garden with mainly red flowers).

Significance of flowers in India

The Indian ecosystem is reliant on flowers including jasmine, lotus and roses. These flowers are also highly important to some cultural practices in India.

Gold and red are the colours traditionally chosen for flowers at an Indian wedding, and they are extremely important as part of the decoration for weddings and other celebrations. These vibrant flowers signify two families coming together and garlands laden with heavy red and yellow flowers are always exchanged by the bride and groom.

Medicinal flowers

Jasmine is considered to have many healing properties by Indians and is used to reduce stress, in the treatment of skin conditions and to bring down a fever. Other flowers that are used for medicinal purposes include Ceylon hydrolea and kariyat.

Hindu worship

Hindus believe that the spirit of the sacred lotus dwells in all humans, and believers of this religion presents flowers to the Gods to demonstrate their devotion and to them. If you look at any Hindu art depicting religious figures you will always see them sitting or standing among an abundance of flowers. One particular ritual practised by Hindus is the flower act or “puja” which highlights the esteem the lotus has within Hinduism. Considered a symbol of eternal life, the lotus flower is considered the epitome of perfect beauty, prosperity and purity by all Hindus.

No matter your reason for arranging a flower delivery in India you can be assured that we can provide exactly the right bouquet or flower arrangement, at an affordable price.