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World National Flowers

Europe is home to some iconic and symbolic national flowers, like the Belgian Red Poppy and the Dutch Tulip. The...

By Asta Foufas
Generous Brits: The UK’s Gifting Survey

Buying a gift for a loved one can be a stressful ordeal. What should you buy? How much should you...

By John Hackett
Helping people stay connected

You might be receiving a lot of mail explaining how businesses are adapting to the change brought about by the...

By John Hackett

How To Guides

How To Make a Flower Crown

In this video, Camilla shows you how to make a simple, beautiful floral crown - perfect for a wedding, festival,...

By Asta Foufas
How To Make A Ombré Flower

  Ombré flowers are really popular at weddings, but why save this trend for your bridal bouquet when you can...

By Asta Foufas
How to Make a Pot et Fleur

In this flower craft video, Camilla shows you how to make a beautiful Pot et Fleur, using real flowers from...

By Asta Foufas