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Organic Thyme

Organic Thyme

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Fragrant evergreen

The organic Thyme plant is presented in a small textured ceramic pot which is pretty enough to keep in the kitchen ready to use the Thyme at any time. 

Thyme is must-have if you like being in the kitchen. You can use the sprigs fresh or dried in many types of savoury dishes such as: roasted or braised meats, vegetables and Thyme is also used to add depth of flavour to soups, marinades and stocks.

Did you know that Thyme is thought to have an antiseptic effect? It will therefore not surprise you that it is often used in cough syrups or you can make your own simple Thyme tea. Thyme vapour can also work wonders to relieve sore throats. It is such a useful herb to have in your kitchen!

In the box

Our lovely Organic Thyme comes with the following:

  • Organic Thyme plant (for pot size 14cm)
  • Ceramic pot

This wonderfully fragrant herb with its needle-like leaves requires little care and is therefore easy to maintain. 

Just so you know

Organic Thymus Vulgaris' or simply 'thyme' is a fragrant herb with needle-shaped leaves. Sun and dryness, those are its two holy grails. He cannot live without them. Thyme grows well in full soil or in a pot. Make sure that the water can drain off well.

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