Please note that our Referral Programme is no longer in operation & you will no longer be able to aquire credits.
We will be replacing the Referral Scheme with a brand new improved system in the near future.
Thank you to all those that took part and introduced so many people to Arena Flowers.

How to earn a free bouquet with Arena Flowers.

Get Your Code

Get 25% off and a unique referral code, when you place an order.

Redeem Your Credits

Get 25% off with each credit used, or get a free bouquet when you use 4 credits.

1. How To Earn Credit Towards A Future Arena Flowers Bouquet

1. We send you a “personal referral” code to give to friends and family.

2. If they place an order using your personal referral code they will get a discount (if it’s their first order). Existing customers cannot use the referral code.

3. Once the order is successfully processed you will get a credit towards your next Arena Flowers bouquet.

4. Each credit applies a discount of 25% at the checkout, up to a total maximum value of £12.50 per credit. Therefore if you used four credits, a £50 order would be the highest value order you could receive for free.

5. That's it!

2. How To Get A Personal Referral Code

There are two ways to get a personal referral code:


After you have placed an order, you will receive an email with your personal Arena Flowers referral code. You can also see your own referral code in your account area. You will also receive a personal referral code for in the same email, please see here for details of the referral scheme.


You will receive both a “personal welcome” code and a “personal referral” code printed onto the leaflet in your Arena Flowers delivery. You will also receive a “personal welcome” code and a “personal referral” code for on the same leaflet, please see here for details.

Distribution of personal referral codes is currently restricted to the above two methods. Personal referral codes are not yet available if you are neither a customer nor a recipient of Arena Flowers.

3. How To Claim Earned Credits


  • You must sign in to your Arena Flowers account first.
  • Navigate to our homepage:, order a bouquet as normal, then on the delivery page of the checkout click the apply credits button.
  • Each credit applies a discount of 25%, up to a total maximum value of £12.50 per credit. Therefore if you used four credits, a £50 order would be the highest value order you could receive for free.
  • Then complete the checkout process.


  • To get 25% off your first order, enter your ‘welcome code’ into the checkout.
  • Once you have completed the order process you will be sent an email with your referral code and the details for your Arena Flowers account. The email will include a temporary password that you must use to access your Arena Flowers account.
  • The main restriction is that you cannot claim any credits until you have placed your first order, so if you are a recipient, you can hand out your referral code and build up credits, but you cannot claim them until you order using your welcome code (this allows us to link you to your referral credits).

4. Other Points To Note

  • New customers can only use someone else’s referral code or a welcome code that they have received if it is their first order. New customers cannot, for example, use a welcome code for their first order then someone else’s personal referral code for their next order.
  • Once a customer has placed their first order (whether they used any kind promocode or not), the only two methods to get discounts on future orders are:
    • through special offers with generic or specially generated promo codes (sign up for our free newsletter by amending your contact preferences here.
    • by generating referral credits through the Arena Flowers Referral Scheme.
  • Once a welcome code has been used once, it cannot be used again by anyone. If you receive one, don’t give it away! If you want others to try the service, give them your personal referral code; they’ll still get a discount but you will also earn credits (if they order successfully).
  • There is no cash alternative to any promo codes offered on Arena Flowers.
  • Referral credits cannot be claimed until a valid first order has been placed and dispatched.
  • Referral credits will only be granted seven days after a referred order has dispatched.
  • The specific details of the discounts available on welcome codes, personal referral codes (be it the details of credit per referral for the referrer or the details of the discount for the first order placed by the new customer referee) may vary with different participants in the Scheme. The percentages will be communicated in the email to customers and on the pamphlet to Arena Flowers recipients. If we change the terms of your referral code we will let you know (existing earned referral credits will still apply).
  • We reserve the right to limit the rate at which Arena Flowers credits are earned or redeemed if we think foul play may be afoot.
  • The lifetime of all promo codes in the Arena Flowers Referral Scheme (and the credits earned by participating in the Scheme) are envisioned as being without any specific lifespan. For legal purposes we reserve the right to limit promocodes to as short a lifespan as we wish and to amend or end the Scheme in any way we see fit at any time.
  • The Arena Flowers Referral Scheme is intended to be used by genuine customers and genuine recipients to enjoy a discounted first order and to earn credits against future orders by referring genuine new customers to ArenaFlowers. By participating in the Arena Flowers Referral Scheme you acknowledge and agree to us using various standard monitoring & detection methods to supervise use of the scheme to ensure that it is being used for the intended purpose and that it is not being abused.
  • Any attempts to game the system are jolly poor form and we reserve the right at our absolute discretion to block IPs, disable accounts or take any other preventative measures we see fit to counter abuse from individuals that we believe in our exclusive judgment to be trying to game or defraud Arena Flowers. Play nicely, kids.