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Flowers have long been the ideal way to show a range of emotions - from love or thanks to condolences - and are suitable for every occasion. Whatever you're trying to say, Arena Flowers can help you select the perfect flowers for your needs.

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With so many colourful blossoms to choose from and an array of perfumes there is something for everyone, and now, with deliveries across Coventry it has never been easier to give the gift of flowers.

If you’re a romantic at heart then a simple rose can say a thousand words, while a bright bouquet can put the smile back on any face or enliven any room in the home. Bouquets and romantic roses can all be delivered by Arena Flowers to any location in Coventry to suit your requirements.

Flower events in Coventry

In the heart of England, Coventry is one of the best locations for garden lovers and flower enthusiasts in the country. The city is a vibrant hub of culture and has plenty of rural, open spaces dotted around, while there are a whole host of events for the whole family to get involved in whether they’re council driven or run by dedicated horticultural experts.

Gardening in Spencer Park is a council backed event organised by Friends of Spencer Park. Their aim is to get as many local people involved in the improvement and protection of Spencer Park Recreation Ground. Throughout the year this voluntary group holds a variety of events to promote the historic area and the gardening event welcomes people of all ages to bring their tools along to help plant flowers and seeds. This fortnightly event is held to not only get the general public to help in the upkeep of the park, but to teach valuable gardening skills to younger generations.

For those dedicated to an organic lifestyle then the Ryton Organic Garden has plenty to offer. Not only do they hold events all year round but they help connect garden lovers with some of the best kept gardens in the area. The connection of private gardens are opened up to display their variety of organic flowers, herbs, vegetables and farm animals.

Coventry is dedicated to the preservation of natural, open spaces and promoting healthier lifestyles

If you want to improve your knowledge of organic flowers and vegetables then the Ryton Organic Garden also offers it’s own courses and covers everything from growing you own produce to photography classes where you can learn to take pictures of the natural world like a professional.

Coventry is dedicated to the preservation of natural, open spaces as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle for future generations. Arena Flowers is a fantastic way to further that spirit of all the natural beauty our world has to offer; there are many different types of flowers available and they are all easily available through delivery to any area in Coventry.

Garden and flower areas of interest in Coventry

Stunning parks and luxurious open house gardens are all part of what make Coventry a beautiful place to visit, there is no shortage of areas to see in the region, every area has a different heritage and design.

The Coombe Country Park is managed by the Coventry County Council and has been lovingly restored and developed over the years as part of the grounds for an old Abbey. Famous landscaper Lancelot Brown was responsible for the original landscaping of the area back in the 18th Century which makes the site an area of great importance in British landscaping. There are breathtaking flower meadows to enjoy as well as climbing forests for the children, presenting a wholesome day out for everybody.

To top off the perfect Sunday walk, the park features rows of flower borders!

If you’d like a more peaceful and reserved day out then Allesley Park Walled Garden is the ideal location. Back in 1997 the park was restored to reflect how the gardens may have looked hundreds of years ago, there are rows of vegetables and resplendent fruit tree areas. To top off the perfect Sunday walk, the park features rows of flower borders throughout its 18th Century Georgian grounds. Constantly growing and revitalising the areas without the aid of chemicals, you can be assured of a fully natural landscape to admire at this park.

No matter what event or date you are celebrating Arena Flowers can provide you with the perfect, natural beauty of flowers. You can choose from a variety of blooms, colours and scents to fill hearts with joy and homes with life. Delivery is available throughout Coventry and the surrounding areas, so no matter what your budget – and no matter what the occasion – there is something for everyone.

Did you know that for Coventry deliveries:
  • - most common recipient name is Emma
  • - average order value is £38.50
  • - most popular bouquet is
  • - most popular variety is roses
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