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OUR STORY - The UK's Most Ethical Florist

Over the last 14 years, we've delivered more than 10 million beautiful bouquets across the length and breadth of the UK.
10 million bouquets is a lot, but we don't like to think of it like that.

Every order we receive is arranged and hand-tied by our florists to create a unique bouquet. Just as each customer is different, so is each bouquet, so we treat each one individually.

We strive to make our international and domestic supply chain kinder to people and the environment in everything we do.


We help mark life’s moments with beautiful flowers that don’t cost the earth.


Your world, our mission The green house Charity Partners Planting trees Net Zero Packaging Closed loop system Human impact Sustainability report
Your World, Our Mission

Your World, Our Mission

As the industry’s leading ethical and sustainable brand, we have set tough standards, established challenging ambitions and maintained our relentless commitment to improving the lives of our people and planet.
Our achievements are not only a statement of our own values, but a reflection of our customers. Together, we are building a community that is united by a commitment to responsible consumerism and sustainability.

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Shopping with us means more than just sending beautiful flowers. With every bouquet you make a choice to support ethicality which helps us to make a positive impact on the world, whether it’s through our Fairtrade growers, or our charity partners who we’ve been proud to support.

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The UK’s Most Ethical Florist

The UK’s Most Ethical Florist

An unwavering commitment to ethicality is as true to our business model as it is to the flowers we send.

We have been accredited by the Ethical Company Index for fifteen years, leading the way for the past eight and in each of the last four years we have earned a perfect 100/100 score - we remain the UK’s most ethical flower business.

We strive to be a leading light for fair, just and environmentally-sound practice and prove that success does not have to come at the cost of doing the right thing. In leading by example, we hope that our ethical approach becomes the only way forward no matter the sector or business.

We’re not pressured by regulators to do this; we keep our standards so high because we believe it is the only way for us to operate - the only way a business should behave.


Our Proudest Achievements

proudest achievements - green house
Building The Green House

Creating a hub that explores Waste, Space and Innovation; an exciting initiative that can secure a greener, cleaner future for all through a series of industry-shaping projects and collaborations.

sustainablity - proudest - 2022 - 100/100
100/100 Ethical Company Index Score

We’ve led the way for the past eight years and in the last four we have earned a perfect 100/100 score.

sustainability 2021 - proudest - 1.2 Million Trees planted in 2021
1.2 Million Trees planted in 2021

We’re committed to planting 2.2 million trees by the end of 2022.

sustainability 2021 - proudest - Zero Single-Use plastics since 2017
Zero Single-Use plastics since 2017

We’ve not used single-use plastics since 2017, and 100% of our packaging is 100% compostable.

Introducing the Green House

Introducing the Green House

Our new ‘Green House’ initiative is the embodiment of our vision; a bold, innovative concept that will deliver positive environmental change and progress in the real world. It is our commitment to tomorrow, built on the pillars of Waste, Space & Innovation.

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Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Since 2020, we’ve increased our carbon commitment: We now plant two trees for every delivery we make (one on behalf of the sender, and one on behalf of the recipient), so you know that. In 2020, we promised to plant a million trees by Mother’s Day of 2021, and we achieved that milestone two months ahead of schedule. We chose to continue our ‘two trees’ commitment and that means - in total - to date we’ve planted 1.6 million trees.

The Eden Reforestation Projects simultaneously helps communities and ecosystems to recover from decades of regressive activity. The dedicated project supports local communities to plant and manage mangrove forests on community land. It not only offers long-term employment and livelihood improvements to local communities, but it also protects the vital biodiversity that relies on mangrove forests to survive.

Why we plant mangrove trees

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Since 2017, our packaging hasn’t included any single-use plastics. Everything which arrives at your door is recycled, recyclable or compostable;
from the recycled cardboard box to the flower food packaging and materials used to wrap our beautiful bouquets.. Everything we send can be reused, recycled, or popped in your compost bin when you’re done with it.

How we're single-use plastic free

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A World's First On Waste

A World's First On Waste

An important part of our commitment to having a low environmental impact is ensuring our resources are utilised as best they can be, and that nothing ends up in landfill.

We don’t think waste is to be thrown away. We see it as a resource with the potential to become something useful for ourselves or others.

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Human Impact

Human Impact

We value and respect everyone in our supply chain and take full responsibility for their wellbeing, safety and security.

Whether they’re cutting flowers on the farm or arranging them here at Arena Flowers HQ, we believe everyone who plays a part in the making of our bouquets deserves fair pay for fair work - it’s why we’re the leading independent supporter of Fairtrade in the UK.

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