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Your World, Our Mission

A photograph of a well-dressed man wearing a pink shirt, deep navy blazer and dark-framed glasses. The man, who is smiling, is standing at a counter with a clean and shiny wooden surface, which has a hand-tied bouquet of creamy yellow flowers on it. Surrounding him are bouquets and plants.

At Arena Flowers, we are committed to growing the best products possible with the least impact on our planet.

Making the right decisions matters, right? We’ve not used fossil-based single-use plastics in our flower packaging since 2017, optimised our logistics solutions to save resources and reduce emissions, planted two trees per order (over a million and counting) and pioneered our industry’s first closed-loop waste system. These initiatives have earned us a perfect 100/100 score from the Ethical Company Index for the past five years, but we’re determined to grow into an even bigger force for good.

As an industry-leading brand, we have the opportunity to set the bar for our peers. Our commitments are not only a statement of our own values, but a reflection of our customers’ too. We must stay ahead if we want to create meaningful change. This means thinking years into the future with our day-to-day actions and setting ever more ambitious targets to beat.

We have a commitment to our planet and a promise to everyone - whether they know us or not - that we will lead floristry to the fairest and most sustainable future possible.

John Hackett
CEO, Arena Flowers

Flower Delivery Companies - Ethical Ranking

The chart below shows how we score with the Ethical Company Index. We have been ranked the UK's most ethical 8 years in a row and are the only company to ever achieve the maximum 100/100 four years in a row.

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