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Human Impact


Fairer For Our People

All of our flowers are sourced from ethical suppliers or Fairtrade-certified farms that we’ve personally approved in line with our own exacting selection criteria. To top it off, all of our people are paid significantly more than a real living wage and we've been an accredited Real Living Wage employer since 2020. We see our team as a family, and what benefits one should benefit us all. No-one should be exploited or undervalued, especially in the production of something which exists to bring joy. We promise to be fair and principled in upholding this belief and to continue to operate beyond compliance ensuring that the commitment to providing the best possible environment for workers is embedded throughout the organisation and our supply chain.

Fairer for all people

Not only do we care for our people, we want to care for all people. We do this on a broad scale with our environmental commitments, but we also work with numerous charities and initiatives to make a more direct and immediate impact. We've done this in both our local community here in Droitwich, UK and in communities within our supply chain.

In 2021, we joined forces with Bread & Water for Africa UK to ‘Plant a Better Future for African Children’. Bread and Water for Africa UK is a small but highly impactful charity which exists solely to provide access to international support for community-led projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To date, the charity has provided fresh water to 69,785 people and put 8,800 children through school in seven of the world’s most impoverished countries. We are delighted that our contribution provided 100 children with uniforms, food, books and school tuition for a year.

Closer to home, in 2022 we identified the need for computer in our local community centre. Since our donation of four computers, we've helped upskill six residents in the Westlands area by enabling them to take Microsoft Office Digital Essential Skills sessions, in addition to improving digital access for residents to assist with job searches or social security benefits. Feedback from the digital skills sessions was that residents gained confidence to integrate with the wider Droitwich community and have utilised additional sessions in the Droitwich Library, furthering their learning. We can't wait to see where these new skills and increased confidence lead.

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