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Human Impact

Fairer For Our People

Fairer For Our People

We value everyone in our supply chain and take full responsibility for their well-being, safety and security.

Whether they’re picking on the farm or packing at Arena Flowers HQ, we believe everyone who makes our bouquets happen deserves fair pay for fair work - it’s why we’re the leading independent supporter of Fairtrade in the UK. All of our flowers are sourced from ethical suppliers and Fairtrade-certified farms that we’ve personally approved in-line with our own selection criteria, and all staff are paid at least a real living wage.

We see our team as a family, and what benefits one should benefit us all. No-one should be undervalued in the production of something which exists to bring joy, and we promise to be fair, empathetic and principled in upholding this belief.
Fairer for all people

Fairer for all people

Not only do we care for our people, we want to care for all people. We do this on a broad scale with our environmental commitments, but we also work with numerous charities and initiatives to make a more direct and immediate impact.

In addition to our work overseas and in the homes of our suppliers, we donate bouquets and a share of our profits to people and charities across the UK. Every order generates £1 to Women’s Aid, culminating in over £50,000 being raised in 2020 to help end domestic violence against women and children. We also give bouquets at random to people we feel deserve them, such as frontline workers throughout 2020 (who, incidentally, can buy our flowers at cost as a token of our appreciation), and create special charity-focused bouquets for specific causes.

It’s not only charitable work we support; we also care deeply about the profession of floristry and want to see the best of future talent. Partnering with local universities, we give our seconds and off-cuts to students to hone their craft without the expense of sourcing their own.

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