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The Difference You Make

Doing good doesn’t stop with the people in our business. That’s why we partner with charities carefully selected for making a difference to the causes that matter to you and our team at Arena Flowers. Over the past 15 years we’ve supported a number of charities based in the UK as well as abroad, and we’re proud to say that with your help we have contributed thousands of pounds to their incredible work. That’s why we think our bouquets mean a whole lot more than just beautiful, ethical flowers.

Our Most Recent Charity Partner

This Mother’s Day we supported Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind campaign by donating £1 from every bouquet sold during the week of the 21st March. We understand that Mother’s Day, whilst a celebration, can be difficult for many who have been through bereavement or lost a Mother figure. Sue Ryder provides expert palliative, neurological and bereavement services for those going through loss. They offer online bereavement support, including free video counselling delivered through trained bereavement counsellors; an online community forum offering 24-hour peer to peer support and a wide range of advice and resources for people who are grieving or supporting someone through bereavement.
Once we’ve done our part in delivering the uk’s most ethical flowers, its over to you. here are a few little pointers…

Once we’ve done our part in delivering the uk’s most ethical flowers, its over to you. here are a few little pointers…

• Make sure your packaging goes in the right place when you’re done. It’s simple, but we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring it’s all recyclable or compostable; all you need to do is pop it in the right bin.
• Upcycle away... We’re phasing out the branding from our ribbons, so you can put them to your own uses without your friends and family thinking you’re our biggest fan (although we do appreciate the support).
• If you need to care for some plants indoors, why no upcycle the subscription box as a planter?
• Bring environmental protection home. Many households could reduce their own water consumption easily and cheaply (if not for free!). Lots of water suppliers have great tips and can even supply water-saving products you can install at home.
• Give bees a chance! If you’ve got a garden at home, consider letting your grass grow longer between trims so wild flowers can flourish and give the bees a much-needed boost. There are also plenty of beautiful bee-friendly seeds, plants and veg you could introduce to make your garden a haven.

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