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Welcome to Arena Flowers

Welcome to Arena flowers

Over 10 Million Happy Customers

Over the last 14 years, we’ve delivered more than 10 million beautiful flower bouquets throughout the length and breadth of the UK. 10 million bouquets is a lot, but we don’t like to think of it like that.
Unique Bouquets

Unique Bouquets

Every order we receive is arranged and hand-tied by one of our florists to create a unique bouquet. Just as each customer is different, so is each bouquet. We treat each one individually.

We strive to make our international and domestic supply chain kinder to people and the environment in everything we do. From working directly with Fairtrade farms, minimising the environmental impact of our packaging and even how our facilities are powered, we do this so we can deliver the freshest, fairest bouquet of flowers you’ve ever given.
The Most Ethical Florist In The UK

The Most Ethical Florist In The UK

We’re especially proud to be ranked as the UK’s most ethical florist, with a perfect 100 score in 2020 on the Ethical Company Index for the third year in a row.

But the benefit of this work isn’t just a warm, fuzzy feeling: it means we’re able to deliver a better, fresher and longer-lasting product on your behalf. With an obsessive attention to detail, every single stem is seasonally sourced, expertly handled and carefully packaged to ensure maximum freshness, before it’s personally arranged by one of our florists. Each of our bouquets is made to delight the recipient and is guaranteed for at least five days and in the unlikely event that there are any problems our customer care team is here to help.
Planting For A Better Future

Planting For A Better Future

Our work with growers around the world is a constant reminder to us of the beauty and fragility of the world we live in. Our determination to work exclusively with partners who share our commitment to improving the welfare and environment of the workers and communities we’re sourcing from helps to improve standards in many regions across the planet, but we wanted to do more.

We’ve removed single-use plastics from our products and are eradicating them from our supply chain. We’ve moved to organic and compostable materials, which costs a little more but it’s a price worth paying.

These initiatives have a direct impact upon the communities we work with but don't address the most significant issues our planet faces: climate change. With increasing evidence that simple initiatives can make a material difference to the problem, we’re committed to planting two trees each and every time you place an order with us.

For every bouquet you buy, we’ll plant two trees in countries experiencing deforestation, like Haiti, Mozambique and Madagascar, to restore and grow healthy forests, combat climate change and simultaneously help to alleviate extreme poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Our Coronavirus Safety Measures

We are a team that looks out for one another - our commitment to improving the lives of the communities we touch starts here in the UK. Our responsibility to provide everyone who works here with the safest possible conditions is one which we take seriously and, in the current circumstances, we've raised our commitment to hygiene and cleaning protocols to the highest possible levels. All common areas are sanitised and cleaned every hour and door handles, keypads and taps are scanned for bacteria throughout the day. In the event that any employee presents symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they'll be asked to follow government guidelines and self-isolate for 14 days on full pay.

To protect customers and recipients we're adopting 'Contact Free' deliveries, meaning that the delivery driver will knock on the recipient’s door and leave the flowers at the doorstep, remaining at least 2m away from the door. If there is no reply, the delivery driver will place the flowers in a safe location and post a card advising the recipient where to find them.