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Stunning Letterbox Flowers

Stunning Letterbox Flowers

Flowers that fit through the letterbox

Our letterbox flower collection is designed to fit straight through your letterbox for easy delivery. Each of the stems are chosen for their longevity, hardiness and of course beauty. Arrange & create your own bouquet!
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Hand Packaged & Posted

Our flowers are hand packed and posted to you in a special box that fits straight through your letterbox.

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Arrange your flowers

Our Letterbox Flowers come with a handy booklet that shows different ways you could arrange your bouquet.

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Enjoy your bouquet

Place your bouquet on the table of your choosing, make a cuppa and bask in the glory of your creation. It's that easy!

The Letterbox Range

How Does It Work

Watch our short video to see what you can expect to receive with your Letterbox Flowers.

What happens if the courier can’t fit it through the letterbox?
Our courier will very carefully attempt to post the box through, if they are worried about damaging the box and subsequently your beautiful blooms, they will place the box in a designated safe place. You can assign your safe place in your inflight tracking that you will receive from our courier on the day of delivery.
Will my letterbox flowers come with water?
No, our letterbox collection includes specially selected woody-stemmed flowers that travel well, when they arrive all you need to do is remove the bottom 2cm of the stem and place them in water when they arrive.
Can I add chocolates or anything extra to the box?
No, the boxes are designed just to fit in your wonderful stems, any additions could squash or damage them in transit.