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Our bouquets need to be well protected when they travel, so the least we can do is ensure we do so in the most environmentally-sound way we can.

Since 2017, our flower packaging hasn’t included any fossil-based single-use plastics. Everything which arrives at your door is recycled, recyclable or compostable; from the recycled cardboard box to the things that leave you scratching your head and wondering how on earth they really can be. Everything we send can be reused, recycled, or popped in your compost bin when you’re done with it.

When sent, our flowers are kept hydrated by plant-based root wrap and bundled up in plant-based, compostable cellophane, tied with sustainable bamboo linen ribbon which can be composted or re-used. They’re then wrapped in our FlowerPaper, and packed alongside a bio-coated, ECF pulp-made sachet of flower food in boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard, printed with water-based vegetable inks and sealed with recyclable tape.

Reducing Our Box Sizes

When our bouquets head out on the road, we believe there’s nothing worse than wasted space.

We’re in the business of sending flowers, not well-packed air. This inspired us to reduce the size of our packaging as much as possible without impacting the size or safety of the flowers inside, resulting in boxes shrinking by 12%. This enables us to fit more product into every delivery and increase the efficiency of every drop.

We’d still like to go further and are working with our delivery partner to offer customers more environmentally-friendly shipping options. These large-scale shifts take time, but that doesn't phase us: we remain committed.
Reducing our boxes in size has resulted in saving 1.3 million miles, the equivalent of travelling over 52 times around the world.

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