Edinburgh Flower Delivery

Whether you’re celebrating hogmanay, starting a relationship, wishing someone well, or sending your condolences, flowers are the perfect way to convey your sentiment and bring a smile to the face of that special someone in Edinburgh.

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Arena Flowers can create the perfect bouquets and arrangements, blending wonderful colours with gorgeous scents, presenting them beautifully and delivering to any location in and around Edinburgh.

Flower events in Edinburgh

“Gardening Scotland” event, which is the biggest celebration of gardening and outdoor living in the countryEdinburgh Castle

The beautiful city of Edinburgh is rich in culture, annually hosting world-class festivals in everything from music and literature, to comedy. It also hosts many wonderful flower shows and competitions, including the national “Gardening Scotland event, which is the biggest celebration of gardening and outdoor living in the country. The event attracts conservationists and gardening experts from around the world, as well as environmental organisations. There are talks, workshops and displays, and a plant fair that’s teaming with beautiful flora and fauna. The finest examples of floral art can be seen and visitors can get help and advice from the experts there to make their own gardens more beautiful.
Edinburgh’s magnificent Royal Botanic Garden hosts The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society’s “Caley Flower Show” every Spring. It is famous for its beautiful displays of Spring flowers and attracts many exhibitors and competitors keen to show their lovely blooms.

Flower facts for Edinburgh

Scotch BonnetEdinburgh is particularly rich in wildflowers, with many common and rare varieties to be found. Rarer varieties include Lady’s Mantle, with its beautiful and dainty golden flowers, Viper’s Bugloss, with its pretty blue-purple flowers, and Birdsfoot Trefoil, with its deep yellow and orange flowers. The Scottish Bluebell (or Harebell) is particularly delicate and beautiful, and can be found in the wilder gardens, such as those of Edinburgh Castle.

In 2013 Edinburgh won the Gold Award in the “Britain in Bloom” competition

“Edinburgh in Bloom” encourages local businesses and residents to create floral displays for their windows, and tend their gardens, and with so many wonderful gardens and parks, visitors seem to be surrounded by flowers of every colour, scent and variety. Frequently winning awards in the annual “Britain in Bloom” competition, in 2013 the city won the Gold Award.

Gardens in Edinburgh

Botanic GardensEdinburgh has many wonderful open spaces, parks and gardens. The Royal Botanic Garden had a humble beginning as a small physic garden in 1670. Now, the Edinburgh garden grows and cherishes many species of beautiful flowers, trees and plants, and it also has seven temperate glasshouses full of exotic and wonderful flowers from around the world, as well as a lecture theatre where talks are frequently given by leading experts. In 70 acres of beautiful landscaping, are Alpine flowers, heathers, rock gardens, an arboretum and the Orchid House, as well as one of the most famous collections of gorgeous Azaleas and Rhododendrons in the world. Along with its three sister gardens in Scotland, the Royal Botanic Garden holds the second richest collection of plant species in the world. The garden is truly beautiful, wonderfully designed and landscaped, bursting with rich colours and scents, open all year round and always beautiful.

Royal Botanic Garden holds the second richest collection of plant species in the world

Edinburgh also has a breathtakingly beautiful floral clock. Commissioned in 1903 to celebrate the coronation of Edward VII, it was the first of its kind in the world and has been lovingly tended ever since. It can be seen in the West Princes Street Gardens, and is not only entirely made up of beautiful, delicate flowers, but it also tells the correct time. The huge clock beneath the flowers had to be wound by hand every day until 1973, when an electric motor was fitted. The clock face itself is over 6 feet tall.

Church on flowery hillEdinburgh floral clock is not only entirely made up of beautiful, delicate flowers, but it also tells the correct time!

The Bawsinch and Duddingston Nature Reserve is an area of Special Scientific Interest, managed and part-owned by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Alongside a wealth of wildfowl, otters and water voles, the reserve contains many plants and flowers rarely seen anywhere else.

Not too far from the reserve is the Cammo Estate Park, which is 85 acres and boasts a beautiful walled garden, superb landscapes, elaborate garden features and the ruins of the mansion, outbuildings and stables; vestiges of the estate’s past which have now been overtaken by nature.
Any flower lover who visits Edinburgh will never forget their experience, nor ever doubt the power of flowers, growing wild or within formal gardens. If you want to send a little of this magical experience to someone you love, Arena Flowers will be able to help you choose the perfect gift. Flower delivery is simple, and flowers are a wonderful way to put a little extra magic and happiness into someone’s life.

Did you know that for Edinburgh deliveries:
  • - most common recipient name is Elizabeth
  • - average order value is £34.93
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  • - most popular variety is roses
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