Hereford Flower Delivery

Hereford and the areas surrounding River Wye have some of the most beautiful natural and landscaped gardens in the West Midlands. From National Trust gardens to natural woodland and river banks, the area is host to a whole range of animal wildlife, flowers and plants.

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If you're inspired by the beauty of Hereford and its plants and flowers, you can recreate that in your own home or the home of a loved one by ordering your flowers online at Arena Flowers. Flower delivery is a great way to send flowers directly to someone's door, and you can include a card to let them know who they are from.


Flower events in Hereford


Hereford Festival of Flowers

Organised each year by the Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust, the Hereford Festival of Flowers showcases the best in flower design and floristry that Hereford has to offer. Run in conjunction with the county council, independent businesses and the Church, the Festival focuses on local flower designers, arrangers and artists, all showing their work in the Cathedral and its magnificent grounds. Built overlooking the River Wye, the historic Bishop's Palace is also involved in the festival, providing yet more idyllic spaces for artists to exhibit their work.


Gardens and flower areas of interest in Hereford


Hampton Court Castle, Gardens & Parkland

Located in the picturesque countryside outside of Hereford, this castle and its magnificent gardens are home to some of the best flower design and landscaping in the area. An original Victorian garden with enclosing walls, stunning lakes and ancient trees, the garden is home to not only various flowerbeds and shrubberies, but also a kitchen garden from which all the vegetables and herbs used in the café are picked. With a Gothic tower at it's centre and a 150 year old wisteria tunnel that leads to woodland, lakeside walks and cycle paths, the garden really is Victorian splendour at its most decadent.

The Weir Garden

The Weir Garden is located on the banks of the River Wye, and as a National Trust property is home to a wide range of flowers, plants, trees and wildlife. Known for its abundance of daffodils and bluebells, the garden is a hot spot for butterflies, and inside its walled section you can see local, organic fruits and vegetables growing all year round. On a summers' day in the sun, or on a cold, crisp winter morning, the Weir Garden is perfect for a family day out to see some of the greatest flowers in the area.

Shipley Gardens

Also located on the banks of the River Wye, but this time at Holme Lacy, Shipley Gardens are privately-owned and geared towards nurturing local birds, butterflies and other wildlife with colourful and vibrant flower displays. Also home to a swimming pool, owl houses and a sculpture garden, Shipley Gardens is a great example of combining flower art and floristry with traditional art and animal protection.

If you're inspired by the beautiful gardens and flowers in and around Hereford and the River Wye, then why not order flowers online for delivery from Arena Flowers? Ordering flowers online means you can get exactly what you want, and have it delivered directly to the door of your intended recipient.

Did you know that for Hereford deliveries:
  • - most common recipient name is Helen
  • - average order value is £36.25
  • - most popular bouquet is
  • - most popular variety is roses
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