Emergency Flowers

football plus beer equals Emergency Flowers

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The noble game. This June, the challengers of brexit-riddled Angleterre go to battle! A squadron of male valkyries descends daily on pubs across the land. And, cast aside, a group of overly stereotypical 'footie widows' will be left indoors to stew, whilst their worse halves get boozed up. sozzled. dipsomaniacally struck down.

ALAS!  This may mean trouble.
Matrimonial strife.

An issue solved by one substance only.

Yes, you've guessed it pals:




Old Johnny English needs a bit of assistance to rebuild bridges, having succumbed to the demon drink watching the Euros. There is but one answer:


It's a brand new app. Years in the making, and rivalled only by the Space Shuttle in its innovation & development prowess. This ultra-high tech mobile phone application will help you in moments of need. When you need a bouquet sharpish...fire up the app! Watch the football without losing your significant other! Lean on Emergency Flowers in your hour of need, and all will be well again.