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Flowers have become big business over the past decade or two.

They're grown throughout the world, often on an industrial scale to produce all year round volume of the same products week in and week out. Whilst this consistency of supply is valuable in many ways it also reduces seasonality and can reduce choice. British flowers are the antithesis of this approach. Small local producers, providing a wide variety of flowers during their natural seasons offer a host of benefits.

In recent years Arena have worked directly with a number of British flower growers to maximise the number and type of flowers that can be grown locally during the Spring & Summer months. Most people are aware that the start of a new year brings with it the opportunity to buy fresh British Daffodils and soon after Tulips from the fields of Cornwall and then Lincolnshire, but there are many, many more flowers that we're working with from UK growers in this period. 

Hellebore, Anemone and a wide range of scented Narcissi are all available at this time and as the year develops so does our offer of fantastic British Flowers.

Traditional Peonies, Sunflowers, Lilies, Stocks and Hydrangea are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the range of seasonal, summer flowers that we supply during the height of this period when British flowers are at their most abundant and best. Buying product at its freshest and during it's natural season means you're buying great quality, but also makes good economic sense! Lower costs of production, transport and no middle men, means no inflated costs and plenty of value for money, which we pass on to our customers directly.

Of course there are many more reasons to support British growers and their products....;

Local supply of naturally grown product is great news for the environment as with little or no heating or lighting required and certainly no air miles the benefits in contrast with product from further afield are obvious. It's also great news for local communities as farming and agriculture are among the largest employers in the UK so encouraging growth of UK production is good for employment. However, here at Arena our main focus is on the flowers we supply, and by working closely growers and breeders we're helping to reintroduce traditional British varieties and flowers that haven't been grown commercially here for many, many years. 

This is really exciting work that takes time to bring to reality, but we believe is really important for the future of the flower industry in Britain. 

It's the sort of work we do with growers all over the world, but we don't work anywhere else with as much passion, focus or industry as we do here in Britain.


With the developments we're making and the continued efforts of our specialist growers we're confident that there are many more reasons for customers to buy British now and in the future.