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It's the Christmas season at Arena Flowers & we're in the festive mood. We've created a great range of Christmas flowers and gift ideas for you to choose from, so whether you're decorating the home or office, or sending a gift to friends & family, we are certain that we have just the right product for you. Our Christmas range consists of a variety of products from beautiful flowers such as our 'Christmas Spice' & 'Mulled Wine' bouquets in warm, vivid tones that would look spectacular in any room, to enchanting table arrangements, traditional Christmas wreaths, & festive gift bags bursting with winter blooms. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you or the recipient will be delighted. Have a wonderful Christmas. Click here for Christmas last delivery dates

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Christmas Flowers & Flower Care

Just as we approach the shortest day of the year, we enter the festive season with all the joy, fun and excitement that Christmas brings.  A beautiful Christmas flower arrangement is the perfect way to brighten our homes as we huddle indoors. More than at any other season, Christmas flowers are designed to appeal to all our senses as we are getting so little stimulation from our outside environment.

Red and white flowers are very popular traditional Christmas flower colours and, as so many flower varieties are available in these colours, the choices are almost endless for our traditional Christmas bouquets.  However, with modern growing methods, if you prefer other colours, almost anything is possible.  Additional sparkle in our homes is also welcome at this time of year and many Christmas bouquets have bright red and gold baubles or beautiful silver-sprayed thistles included in them to add interest and brilliance.

Christmas is a season that is particularly rich in tradition and, through the centuries, candles have been offered as gifts and used to ward off darkness.  There is something very special about the quality of candlelight and our reaction to it; who amongst us does not love the beauty of flickering candlelight?  Many of our Christmas arrangements include candles and the mere possibility of lighting a candle is sufficient to raise our spirits.

But it is not only sparkle and light that our senses crave but also the scents that are so powerfully associated with Christmas.  Seasonal celebrations in ancient times were held during the Winter Solstice and evergreen boughs were brought into homes as decoration.  Many of our Christmas bouquets and arrangements include pine fronds which have a wonderfully evocative scent.  A more modern addition to our bouquets is cinnamon - little bundles of cinnamon sticks are included in some of our Christmas bouquets and arrangements making them smell as good as they look.

With their colours, scents and sparkle, our Christmas bouquets are the perfect way to drive away the winter blues and to let someone know you love, and are thinking of them, during the festive season.

In our well-heated, rather dry homes, Christmas flowers need plenty of water and all foliage which might be beneath the waterline should be removed; this, combined with the regular changing and topping up of their water, should keep them fresh.  Cut flowers should always, as far as possible, be kept in a cool, shaded environment away from draughts.

Some of our favourite Christmas flowers are:
The wonderful Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis; many colours are available but the pure red or white flowers are the most popular in our Christmas bouquets. They have large, fabulous trumpet-shape flowers with several blooms on each stem, meaning that the stem-life can be up to 15 days, if cared for correctly.  

Roses are always popular flowers and at Christmas the deep red and pure white roses are the most popular choice but all the golden and russet shades also feature in many Christmas flower bouquets.

Chrysanthemums are available in almost every colour but at Christmas the stunning large white Anastasia blooms which contrast so perfectly with any red flowers are the most popular.

Tulips are available again now the weather is cooler; both red and white tulips are used in our Christmas bouquets and combine with sparkly thistles to make gorgeous bouquets.

And without Poinsettia plants it wouldn’t seem like Christmas! Their bright red leaves bring cheer to any room and the plants, cared for properly, will last the entire festive season.