Fresh Flowers & Gifts, Delivered, From £9.99

Personalised gift boxes
3 Simple steps to your AmazeBox

What is an AmazeBox?

An AmazeBox is a customisable occasion-specific gift box with a fresh flower that fits through your letter box, from just £9.99 (including delivery).

Occassion-led gift boxesOccassion-led gift boxes

What's in your AmazeBox?

Each AmazeBox includes as a minimum:

  • an occasion-themed gift box with a high quality print finish;
  • an occasion-themed greetings card containing your message;
  • one main gift item (one of four colours of roses or five colours of tulips) and two treats, held in place in a specially designed presentation tray; and
  • an occasion-themed display stand to hold the main gift and the greetings card once they've been taken out of the AmazeBox, all delivered through your letterbox by the Royal Mail from just £9.99.

A number of the items can be upgraded and some optional items can be added to an AmazeBox.

Selection of AmazeBox giftsHello Baby Gift Box

Personalising your AmazeBox

There are a number of options that allow you to personalise your AmazeBox and make it a completely unique gift. The personalisable elements include:

  • Box photo stickers: you can personalise the outside of your AmazeBox by adding a photo and short message that will be affixed to the "postage stamp" area at the front of the box and a larger photo that will be put onto the rear of the box
  • Glossy photo: you can upload a photograph in checkout and we'll print it out on glossy paper and include it with your greetings card
  • Video message: currently offline for an upgrade, our video message service will be available again in the spring and will allow you to record a message or share a favourite moment with the recipient by video
Personalised gift boxes