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Colourful, elegant and delicately fragrant… what’s not to love about freesias? Few flowers combine graceful beauty with fun and frolicking colours, but the humble freesia pulls it off effortlessly, every time.

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More About Our Freesias

One of the most popular flowers in the UK for many years, the freesia is a perfect choice for any occasion. Whether your tone is respectful or celebratory, your preference a subtle hue or vibrant colour, or your taste cute or elegantly sophisticated, freesias can fit the bill perfectly.

Freesias are versatile enough to combine with many other flowers, such as roses, to provide a dynamic display that appeals to all tastes and fits any occasion. They can appear structured or natural and work as well with just a few flowers or a large bouquet. 

The perfume of these small flowers is subtle but enchanting. Those who find the fragrance of larger blooms overpowering or who struggle with pollen can enjoy the scent of a bouquet of freesias, which fills a room with a playful presence as well as providing visual delight. 

One of the really nice things about giving freesias is that they feel that little bit special. While other flowers have stereotypes or connotations that can make the feel just slightly generic on some occasions, the freesia combines many of the advantages of other flowers in a package that is without cliché and feels really individual. 

Whether you want to really spoil a special someone, or you want to send a floral tribute that doesn’t try too hard, we can provide a bouquet that’s just right which will both surprise and delight your recipient. 

They’re a winning choice you just can’t go wrong with, and don’t forget, ArenaFlowers can deliver straight to your door with free standard delivery, or same day delivery for UK orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday!

Freesias are available all year round and can be supplied in colours ranging from reds, yellows, pinks, lilacs or white. They flower well once cut and last longer than most, simply place in full sun or light shade with plenty of water and watch them bloom.