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Lilies are one of our favourite flowers here at Arena Flowers. Their large, trumpet shaped blooms come in a vast array of beautiful colours and make a big impression in any bouquet. Their dominant presence is enough to fill any room with joy and heavenly perfume.

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More About Our Lillies

In ancient Greece, pure white lilies have been associated with birth and motherhood. This is because the flower was said to have been created from the breast milk of Hera; the wife of Zeus and the goddess of women. This makes them an extremely poignant flower to send when celebrating Mother’s Day or a new arrival. Pink lilies are often used to denote harmony – making them an excellent flower to keep in the house all year around. Lilies are also traditionally a respectful and elegant flower to send in remembrance, particularly the white stargazer lily, which conveys deepest sympathy. We have a stunning collection of lilies in a variety of gorgeous colours, so you’re sure to find something to suit your occasion.

Here at Arena Flowers, we want you to get the most out of your lilies. This is why they often arrive unopened, to protect the buds and prolong their glorious bloom. We recommend that you remove the pollen buds from the lilies, as they can stain furnishings and clothing. You can either clip them off with scissors (making sure to catch them in some tissue paper) or remove the pollen with sticky tape. Do not attempt to wash or brush off the pollen. Contact our lily care team for further tips.

The beautiful thing about lilies is that they truly last when cut. Each individual cut lily stem can spawn up to 8 buds, which keep growing upwards out of the stem so they bloom for a long period of time and last in the vase. If you properly look after them, a bouquet of lilies can thrive for up to 2 weeks. 

With Arena Flowers’ vast collection of lilies in all shapes, colours and sizes, you can enjoy a different bouquet every month. We only use the freshest and most beautiful Oriental and Asiatic lilies to ensure glorious colours, a tranquil perfume and a long life.

How to look after lilies:

• Soak the bottom of each lily stem in lukewarm water and trim them at a 45 degree angle

• Remove any leaves that will be touching the water to prevent the flowers from rotting. You should leave 4-6 leaves at the top so that the lilies can soak in water and energy

• Add some flower food (1 sachet included with flowers) to a vase of clean water and arrange your lilies. Make sure that you keep them out of direct sunlight