Austria Flower Delivery

Austrian flagIf you are looking for the perfect flowers in Austria for a special occasion, event or for sympathy, are a highly experienced and dedicated florist who can tend to your every need. Whether you are a private customer or want floral decorations for a corporate event, wedding, funeral or any other occasion, we have the expertise to cater for any event or venue. 

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Our’ portfolio showcases our ability to provide a range of designs to our customers; from simple but elegant posies and vibrant bouquets, through to striking wall decorations and floor or table flowers. 

Once we have the designs made up and verified by our in-house team, you do not have to worry about picking them up. We deliver across Austria for all our customers, so whether you live on the border of Slovenia in the south, Slovakia to the West, Germany to the north or anywhere in between, we will deliver your flowers and decorations to you promptly and professionally – ensuring minimum to no damage.

Flower facts for Austria

The national flower of Austria is the Leontopodium Alpinum, commonly known as Edelweiss. It belongs to the sunflower family and are one of the best-known mountain flowers throughout Europe. The star-like flowers off immense beauty and are known as Floarea Reginei, the Queen flower. They are pictured on the Austrian Euro coins and the flower was traditionally used in herbal and folk medicines and remedies against respiratory diseases and abdominal pain. 

Did you know that Vienna was the first place in Europe to cultivate tulips? Long before they become a registered trademark in Holland.

Flowers in Austria

Austria has a diverse ecosystem and some of the special native flowers for the country, aside from Edelweiss, are the beautiful Gentian, Alpine Carnation, Arnica, Alpine rose, Heather and Hyacinth.

Austria benefits from a diverse topographical landscape and climate conditions, meaning that the country has a rich tapestry of flora and plants. Well-tended into the forests or hikes into the Alps appeal to tourists, coupled with the diverse, colourful flowers, clean air, lakes and glaciers, Austria is seen as a top tourist destination. 

Flower events in Austria

The town of Tulln and der Donau (Tulln) is a town located on the Danube River in the state of Lowe Austria. Tulln has an abundance of parks, open space and greenery has led to it being nicknamed ‘Blumenstadt’, meaning the city of flowers.

From 29 August to 2 September in Tulln every year the International Horticultural Fair, Europe's largest flower show, turns Tulln into a flourishing oasis where gardeners, florists, floral designers and garden planners from all over the globe descend. 

It began as a natural garden initiative, launched by the Lower Austrian government, and flourished into The Garden Tulln, Lower Austria’s Horticultural show becoming a permanent fixture since 2008. Tulln is in close vicinity to the Austrian capital Vienna, and showcases in excess of 50 show gardens of all shapes and sizes, from 80 to 800 square metres

The show is situated in a former wetland and enables entrants, such as landscaping companies, nurseries and architects, to appreciate and create garden ideas using beautiful plants, flowers and shrubs. Visitors can then pick up tips and inspiration from the professionals, taking this into their own gardens

Thousands of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit are cultivated and displayed across the 80,000 square metre site, allowing exhibitors to display their latest decorations, gardening trends and ideas for the visitors to take away with them and incorporate into their own garden or home. 

During the fair there will be companies showcasing a range of horticultural products, from flowers, shrubs and herbs to pesticides, swimming pools and septic tanks. In the main hall there will be over 200,000 flowers being displayed, the whole hall is transformed to harness the variety of colours, different shapes and fragrances from the plants. All flowers are arranged into a range of floral decoration and unique art, showcasing the skills of the best gardeners and floral designers in Austria and across the globe.

Gardens and flower areas of interest in Austria

When visiting Austria, the capital city Vienna is a must see. For all the history, architectural and other sites, as you would imagine, it is a fantastic place to visit. Interestingly, Vienna is also a fantastic place to see flowers in bloom, as a city there is a real focus on ‘being in bloom’ all year round. 

To help this, the Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens cultivate their flowers and plants all year round, keeping Vienna in bloom. Some 360,000 spring flowers, 1.5 million summer flowers, 60,000 autumn flowers and 1 million flower bulbs are cultivated annually at Florarium, in the Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens, which is open to visit for free from May to October.

The gardens have a range of different places and such as the 'Garden of Five Continents', including Indian, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese gardens, a Liguster Maze and a Palm House, filled to the brim with exotic plants and animals which is open in winter. Weddings are quite popular here due to the colourful flowers and stunning backdrops, whilst a Christmas market is present every year.

Vienna is also home to the Kagran School Gardens, located around the Vocational School for Horticulture and Floristry, giving people the opportunity to learn about garden design - as it is a training facility for apprentice gardeners – and to pick up tips from the impressive number of themed gardens. Right next door is the Austrian Horticulture Museum which can give you a history of gardening. The museum is housed in a former ‘Kagran Orangery’ and offers insight into thousands of historic exhibits, from tools and vehicles to photographs and details of gardening practices and the art of floristry.

We take into consideration your requests and, if necessary, the venue so that our designs and the style, from classic, traditional or vintage through to modern and contemporary, will complement your event fully and add the ‘wow factor’. Contact us now to ensure your floral needs are met by our expert team working to create beauty.