Germany Flower Delivery

German FlagPeople have been sending flowers as gifts for centuries, and this thoughtful gesture is still considered one of the most popular ways to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or achievement even today. Nothing quite lets that special someone know how appreciated and loved they are like a beautifully scented, brightly coloured bouquet of flowers.
Send flowers to ANYWHERE in Germany today!

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In the age of super-fast technology, it’s never been quicker to organise a flower delivery, either.

If you’re searching for that perfect bunch of flowers, but don’t know your roses from your rhododendrons, we can help you decide everything from the size and style, to the different types of flowers that you might want to include. Once you’ve made your choices, your bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Germany, leaving the recipient feeling happy and their home or office bright and cheerful.

Flower events in Germany

If you’re a plant lover, and you’re heading out for a visit to Germany, it might pay to check out some event listings before you go; Germany has a wealth of exciting floral-based events which occur every year, and cater for various tastes.

Organised by the experts at the DBG, the Federal Horticultural Show is an exciting event which combines displays of sustainable development, unique building ideas and both indoor and outdoor plants. Preparations for the next show, to be held in 2015, have already begun, and plans include fine examples of grasses, perennials, shrubs, annuals and trees, and an incredible 150 different varieties of roses.

Held annually in March, the Husum Crocus Festival  or ‘Krokusblute’ is the celebration of the arrival of the crocuses – a time when over 4 million crocuses make their presence felt, and turn the Husum Castle grounds into an almost continuous, breathtaking carpet of purple. The festival not only includes the opportunity to see the crocuses at their finest, but visitors can also see the festival queen crowned, spend time wandering through the local shops and historic downtown area, and take part in flower city tours.

The castle courtyard becomes the home of an extensive arts and crafts market; guests can expect stall after stall of delicious, locally produced foods and treats, wood and ceramic homewares and delicate, handmade jewellery.

As keen gardeners and horticulturists will know, spring and summer don’t have the monopoly on flower-based events; some of the brightest colours and most dazzling displays take place in autumn, which is when the Chrysanthema in Lahr is held. This celebration of colourful chrysanthemums is a riot of sights, smells and sounds, and flowers are displayed in truly imaginative ways; from decorated house frontages to cars adorned with blooms, the sights are truly spectacular. Visitors to this wonderful event can also expect to witness musical and cultural exhibitions and performances, and can take part in a guided tour of the city.

Gardens and flower areas of interest in Germany

If you happen to visit at a time when there are no flower festivals or celebratory events occurring, don’t despair – Germany is absolutely packed with various gardens, parks and outdoor spaces which will satisfy the appetite of even the keenest gardener or horticulturist. With a range of different period gardens, from Baroque to Rococo and Romantic eras, there are countless superb examples of plants, shrubs, flowers and trees which have historic links to the country.

Ideal for anyone who likes a little variety in their garden, the Augsberg Botanic Garden in South West Germany offers a Japanese Garden, a rose garden and a music garden, all in one space. With several smaller themed gardens, and over 3,000 plant species, the garden is also home to tropical butterflies which inhabit the area every year. Aside from the butterflies, visitors from all over the world come to see the absolutely incredible range of species and varieties of roses, the tropical plants situated in the large greenhouse and to take part in one of the many events that regularly take place in the garden.

Anybody who is fanatical about roses should almost certainly pay a visit to the Bamberg Rose Garden in Bamberg; designed in 1733, this beautiful space is as rich in history as it is in plant life, and includes various features such as a central fountain pool which is surrounded by clipped limes. Two paths allow the visitor to see the blooms from every angle, and the garden contains a breathtaking 4,500 roses in over 70 beds, making it an explosion of colour and fragrance, and the perfect place to visit in early summer.

"it’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and with themselves!"

Anybody who wants a break from tourist activities, city living and the hustle and bustle of the towns should head straight to the Garden of the Senses in Merzig. With the relaxing theme of water, and various individual gardens which cover everything from sight to sound and taste, it’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature and with themselves. Visitors can expect to see displays of soft grasses, fragrant roses, shrubs, hedges and herbaceous perennials, and can even join in with any of the various cultural and culinary events which take place throughout the year.

Returning home from a trip anywhere can seem dull, but more so if you’ve spent a lot of time surrounded by exotic plants and brightly coloured flowers, and have been immersed in local festivals and celebratory events. One great way to recapture the moment and brighten your home is to organise a regular flower delivery from us; whether you want to emulate the displays and exhibitions you saw while you were away, or just add a little colour to your home, a bouquet of beautiful flowers can work wonders in even the darkest spaces.