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We are an expert florist who has created hundreds of floral designs, bouquets and flower decorations for single customers to corporate and commercial clients. Our range and portfolio enables us to cater for any special occasion and one-off or regular events to add a splash of colour and decoration to proceedings. 

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Our expert, personal service will enable us to find the perfect solution to meet your requirements. In terms of style, whether it is a small arrangement you are looking for, a small bouquet or posy, or you decorating a venue for a wedding, conference or any other occasion, we will liaise with you to create your perfect design from vintage to contemporary or modern styles

We deliver flowers across Ireland; so from Donegal to Cork we can safely bring you your orders without delay and in perfect condition for your event or occasion.

We are ready to hear from you regarding your floral requests and to start working on your decorations as soon as possible. We will take into consideration all minor details, from the venue through to your style and colour tastes in order to compliment your event and, if necessary, to provide the wow factor.

Flower facts for Ireland

Ireland does not officially have a national flower. Unofficially, the shamrock is designated to the Republic of Ireland by the floral industry, despite many people not considering the clover a flower.

The shamrock has played a significant role in Ireland for centuries; from the Celtic Druids believing the shamrock was sacred because of its three leaves – an important number in the Druid religion – to St Patrick using the Shamrock to describe the Holy Trinity to the Irish people. It has since been donned on the uniform of Catholic militia groups fighting religious persecution from as early as the 18th Century, and has transformed from British authorities making it punishable by death to wear a shamrock openly, through to the Royal Iris Regiment incorporating the shamrock as their official insignia.

The shamrock has permeated Irish culture over the centuries to become as a symbol for Irish identity globally. From seeing it above a bar to it being part of company logos, it is globally recognised as being for centuries and is now globally recognised as being ‘Irish’, so much so that it is a registered trademark of the Republic of Ireland.

Flowers in Ireland

Ireland has well over 800 flowering plants, thanks to a variety of soil types on the isle, interesting areas such as County Clare’s The Burren, one of the largest limestone (karst) landscapes in Europe reaching approximately 250 square kilometres. Other interesting landscapes such as Ireland’s natural woodland and raised bogs, coupled with the mild climate, creates a cauldron of wildflower diversity

For example, despite its close proximity to Great Britain, there are fifteen plants that are found in Ireland and not across the Irish Sea – known as the Lusitanian Flora. Interestingly, these flowers have more in common with Mediterranean plants than those natively found in Ireland and the British Isles.

Wildflowers in Irelands are facing potent threats which could be really harmful for their future; the same problems that are arising globally, such as changes in agricultural practices and the change of use of land for building purposes. However, Ireland is also facing invasive species that are limiting the growth and health of native species, particularly in aquatic plants

It is estimated that climate change is having a significant factor also, affecting some 15% of Irish flora, in particular alpine plants. It is estimated that there six species of plants or flora that are close to becoming extinct, with another 120 native species under threat in Ireland.

Through greater awareness of the damage that is being caused, there is hope that with a greater understanding and attitude to the local environment, something can be done to help save Ireland’s native flora and plants from suffering extinction.

Flower events in Ireland

Following their successful bid to host the World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) from 2011—2014, the Association of Irish Floral Artists has been managing all WAFA’s administration for the past three years. 

Founded in 1981 by a group of flower arranging societies, WAFA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. Its main aims are to provide a forum for ideas and trends in flower arranging amongst its 31 member countries and to promote the care and conservation of natural resources and the environment as a whole.

WAFA is hosted by an elected member country for a three-year-term; during this tenure the host country will organise and host and International Seminar and a World Flower Show. The hosts will also convene a General Assembly during the World Flower Show made up of the member states to conduct WAFA business and administration. 

The 11th World Flower Show, held at the Royal Dublin Society, Dublin from 18—22 June 2014, is entitled ‘A Floral Odyssey’ and will be a huge event attended by people from across the globe. The venue, the Royal Dublin Society, is a historic venue that stretched 45 acres and has historically been closely associated with botany, agriculture and the arts. The event will also signify the passing of the WAFA torch from Ireland to Barbados, whose three year residency runs from 2014-2017

The occasion will showcase the work of over 600 floral artists, hailing from the 31 member countries, whose floral arrangements will be using a diversity of plants, colours and designs from all across the globe. The show will also include a trade fair, floral demonstrations, lectures, garden visits and much more to whet the appetite of budding gardeners and floral enthusiasts. 

Should you be inspired by the arrangements at ‘A Floral Odyssey’, we will be able to cater your every need and designs. Packages can be tailored for different pricing and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your occasion or event is complemented by the best flowers.